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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sweet Dreaming

Last night, while having a weird dream, I fell out of bed. At the time, the dream seemed perfectly natural.  But,  after getting back into bed, both pissed and embarrassed at myself, I was able to recount the dream in great detail. 
Why is it that when you are in the process of dreaming, everything seems so logical, but when you wake up and reflect upon what you were just dreaming..... it seems so wacko???
Anyway, this dream had me back in my childhood home, throwing various types of kitchen appliances at my brother.  Does that seem Freudian to you?  I have nothing against my brother, and have no inclination to throw toasters, blenders and convection ovens at anyone.  But in my dream, it made perfect sense.
Not sure why I was so unsettled so as to throw myself off the side of the bed either.   It couldn't  have been the Chinese food and Sam Adams from dinner.  That is not so extraordinary.  I've had way more beers with fried rice, and never fell out of bed before due to an extra crab rangoon or so.
Work is fine, no big beefs with family or friends and things like FreshAyer have become fairly stable.
I'm not worried about the Mayan end of time, and there had been no liberal fiascos that have gotten me wound up lately.
So I'm not sure what the hell was going on.

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