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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tuna Ban

Now the Dems are stepping up the pressure to ban Bluefin Tuna fishing.
A number of friends in this area will be drastically affected.
Since I hardly ever hook up, it really won't have much of an impact on me.   But for my friends who have vastly superior fishing skill than I, this ban should be strongly opposed.
Every serious fisherman that I know, including Doug Maxfield and Mark Vona, are meticulous about meeting fishing standards.  They wouldn't dream of taking a Striped Bass from Stellwagen or going over quota on Bluefin, because they respect the regulations.
Now, since Japanese and Mediterranean fisherman have overfished the stocks in their areas, the Obama administration supports a ban which will remove this fishery from law abiding Americans.  We in New England are not the problem.  Why don't you use your brains once in awhile????
Killing the recreational charter tuna  industry in New England won't save the Tuna. Not that they need to be saved.  Just pay attention to solving Global Warming and leave us the hell alone.

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