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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self Loathing Paintbrush

Somehow I didn't see it coming.
In my relief that this country elected a Black President, I thought that the race issue would finally be passe.... that race as an issue would take a back seat.
But it's just the opposite.   Now the liberals are pulling out the race card every time they sneeze.
Obama couldn't possibly be unpopular because he can't pull the troops out of the Middle East.   People can't be peeved with him because he wants to convert our health care system to something akin to the United States Postal Service.  It can't be the boondoggle economic stimulus package.
No.  None other than Jimmy Carter, the biggest goofball ever to sit in the Oval Office, explains to us that the reason of our discontent with Obama is because we are racists.
When will we finally realize that the real racists are the liberals...  the Jimmy Carter types who look at themselves in the mirror and try to disguise their self loathing by painting their racist subdued thoughts on everybody else.
To dismiss the discontent with Obama as racist... is in itself racist to the core.  This country elected a Black President by popular majority.  The Liberals cannot deny this, but they can never let issues stand on their own merits.  That would be too truthful.

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