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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nanepashemet Peep of the Year - 2008

I've been sick of a month.
My freaking house almost burned down.
I've had Nanepashemet Telecom work up to my eyeballs.
But all I hear from you Worthless Bastards is a constant annoying chorus of lamentation. "Who is the Peep of the Year??? When will you make the choice????"
Do you know how irritating you have been? I wish I could make all of you Pathetic Pieholes, the POTY, because you all certainly qualify from the annoying criteria.
Speaking of criteria....
The Nanepashemet POTY is chosen by the same qualifications as the Peeps of the Week.

The successful/lacking candidate must be....
  • Either annoying or inspirational.
  • Cannot be dead.
  • Cannot be an animal.
  • And the case of the POTY - A case of Lagavulin given to me prior to this moment would have been an automatic.
Gazing around the charred remains of my living room, I fail to see the case of the King of Scotch that would make this selection easy for me. Man, that SUCKS!!!
So I have to make the selection from the remaining criteria.
Looking back at the previous POTY's, Tommy McMahon -2006 and Michael "Murph" Murphy - 2007, I have to admit that the legacy of holding the crown is starting to gain some cache. McMahon's forays onto Fenway speaks for itself, but Murph's swansong comments a couple of posts ago, really brought tears to my eyes.
This year's selection was decidedly a tough one. There were so many worthy candidates. MegaPeep Brian Butler was in the running right to the end. Mountain of a Man, Bob Brown, was hard to deny, and Pat Piscatelli was always in the mix. Not to mention the Insidious Bob Bob Wojcik and my Archrival, Joe Collins. Even "My Friend Who Doesn't Want His Name Mentioned In The Blog" merited serious consideration.
But in the end, I think that the choice was a good one.
NANEPASHEMET PEEP OF THE YEAR 2008 .... Lauren Rathbone.

Now don't start with all of the "Why Lauren?" questions. You know that I could never disclose the reason(s).
Just suck it up and offer Lauren your congratulations/condolences.
Her life has been forever altered.

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