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Saturday, February 16, 2008

X-C Test

We made the escape to North Conway this weekend. The snow is deeper than I ever remember it, so I strapped on the XC skis and hauled my bulk over the frozen trails. After four miles of vigorous slipping and sliding, I had only fallen four times, giving me a wipe out per mile ratio of 1.0 WO/M.
That is a metric that I am trying to improve upon.
I was surprised how tired I was, and drenched with sweat in the single digit temps, after a relatively short distance. I guess that's bad.
The good part is that my left knee (the one that Wojcik screwed up by giving me faulty advice) held up really well, paving the way for a serious attempt at the Marine Marathon, where my arch rival, Joe Collins will again know how it feels to be defeated atheletically by non other than myself.

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