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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Workouts are Working Out

Ever since the insidious Bob Wojcik ridiculed my workouts, I've picked up the pace, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Plus, ArchRival Joe Collins informs me that he has been keeping up with my workout progress by reading this pathetic Blog.
So, I have to log 10 miles on the bike and note it on the Blog to keep Collins honest. I have no place to go but up, (or in this case, down... based upon my current overweightedness.)
The good part is that no matter how your day goes, if you get a workout in, you've done something good and positive. And exercise definitely reduces stress.
My problem is that after I work out, I feel like I've deserved a beer, or anything else that I can scarf down from the refridgerator. So weight loss doesn't seem to be keeping in step. But my pants do feel a bit roomier. My scale is off, so checking weight has not been a consistent metric in this regime.

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