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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tender Homestretch

The major structural components are done on the Herreshoff Columbia Tender except for the sails, masts, and tiller. I'm waiting for oar lock hardware to arrive from Jamestown Distributors.
Now the real dog work begins - final coating and epoxy sanding, permanent attachment of floor board and seats, and spray varnishing. These steps will determine the quality of the overall project, so I can't rush it.
I'm really happy with the lines of the boat.
I know that the next project was supposed to be a Maine Matinicus Peapod, but wouldn't it be cool to build another Tender which I could us to race various worthy Peeps, kids, friends and grandkids? The Peapod could serve this purpose, but we'll need a small fleet of the same Tender class.
If you would like me to build one for you, kindly send a check for $20k to Nanepashemet Boatbuilders and be prepared to wait for two years or so. Seriously, if there was enough demand, I would open a loft and do it full time, but I doubt that the market would bear the final price that all of the labor requires.

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  1. Herman Melville8:42 AM

    Showing some kick toward the finish line, this gamer from Lynn will not be denied. Victory is mine!


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