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Friday, May 25, 2007

A Peter Crawford Tale

This unlikely story has been circulated by Peter Crawford. Since he is a former POTW, I feel compelled to pass this on....
On a warm May day, paparazzi roaming the boatyards in Historic Marblehead
came upon a scene never witnessed by neither man nor beast. Chuck Bridges,
retired airline pilot, was actually seen in dirty old clothes, with latex
goves, mussed up hair, and blotches of blue bottom paint all over him. The
photographer was drawn to the scene, when he blood curdlling moans coming
from under the boat, as Chuck was attempting to roll on bottom paint with a
disintegreated foam roller. Others in the boatyard were aghast, saying that
Chuck always showed up to "watch" others work on their boats, neatly attired
in khaki pantrs and an oxford cloth blue and white stripe Brooks Bros
shirts. It is well known that Chuck has always been allergic to anything
with the word "work" attached to it. And spends most of his days loitering
outside the local Starbucks, where he tells stories about his childhood in
rural Kentucky, where he was raised by sheep. Could this be a new Chuck, or
maybe just a Confused Chuck. Only time will tell.

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