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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Home Depot Contractors

I get a kick out of the recent news showing homeowners outraged by shoddy work at their house performed by Home Depot Contractors.
Anybody who uses Home Depot to do their home renovations deserves to get screwed. If you are a half decent craftsman, you don't have to work for Home Depot to get your jobs. Ergo, anybody who works for Home Depot really isn't at the top of the renovation business.
I buy a lot of stuff at Home Depot because I know what I'm shopping for and they have a great shelf inventory. The pricing is good also.
But if you have to ask a question, or need help in any way, you are in the wrong store. The staff is really bottom barrel in my opinion. The picture at right is purportedly a load of plywood that Home Depot employees helpfully loaded on a customers car.
The idiot who bought this deserves to be screwed. No lack of stupidity here from everybody involved.

1 comment:

  1. Juan Pablo3:24 PM

    Lowes is superior to Home Depot, but for the lumber.

    My boss is a jewish carpenter, believe you me He knows.


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