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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eating Their Own

I just finished reading another book by Nathaniel Philbrick, "In the Heart of the Sea" - the tragedy of the Whaleship Essex. I enjoyed this as much as "Mayflower".
Philbrick is a talented writer, and his historical narrative is an entertaining read. The Essex shipped out of Nantucket and was rammed and sunk by an eighty foot sperm whale, 3000 miles from the South American coast in the South Pacific.
The survivors resorted to cannibalism, as they traversed the Pacific in open 25' whaleboats for the next ninety days. Herman Melville loosely used the incident for his depiction of "Moby Dick", although the focus of this story is what happened after the ship sank. The Essex was scuttled in ten minutes.
Although I've seen companies resort to eating their own in the past few years, the tribulations on that Whaleship were the real thing.

Manhandling by McMahon

Apparently, Tom McMahon, POTY, is making a career out of tackling the hapless nitwits who jump onto Fenway Park during a game.
Tom, the guy is just trying to have a little fun. It's not like he's Al Queda or even Taliban.
Why can't you just live and let live???

Smart Lady

I begin to think, that a calm is not desirable in any situation in life....Man was made for action and for bustle too, I believe.
Abigail Adams, letter to her sister, Mary Smith Cranch, 1784
US wife of John Adams 1764 (1744 - 1818)
Abigail would have had an awesome blog.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waiting for WhaleEye

So I go over to Ryan Marine to check on the WhaleEye. Sure enough, the propeller shaft is bent with the propeller badly dinged. The parts have been ordered. What was worse was that Chris and Peter Crawford were over there getting their boat launched before mine.
I had just left Ryan's Tuna Armory, where he has amassed enough fishing supplies to declare war on any hapless fish that dares to be in the same vicinity of the WhaleEye. He has some great lures, squid sets and a killer harpoon system. If I were a tuna, I'd be waving the white flag and seeking terms of armistice.
It will be an interesting fishing season. We sure as hell don't have any excuses. All we need is the damn boat.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tender Homestretch

So Close.

I'm not going to start varnishing until the masts are done though.

Then we'll see if this floats

Monday, May 28, 2007

Lobster Rolls

Joanne went to Marblehead Lobster yesterday and bought seven live 1 1/2 pounders for the dinner we had with all of the kids.
I didn't have one, because I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance, but the next day, I took a leftover one from the refridgerator, shucked it, and made two of the best lobster rolls ever consumed on a Memorial Day.
After removing all of the meat from the shells, I cut the lobster into bite size pieces and mixed it with Real Hellman's Mayonaise. adding a little salt and pepper.
The Lobster was over-stuffed into two Nissen Hot Dog rolls, then wolfed down by me. I broke out some Jameson's Irish Whiskey on the rocks for the occasion. A most memorable meal.
It's three hours later and I'm still satisfied.

Violation of Quiet Enjoyment

"Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick a Bale of Cotton.
Jump Down, Turn Around Pick a Bale of Hay.
Jump Down Turn Around, Pick a Bale of Cotton.
Jump Down, Turn Around Pick a Bale of Hay.
Oh Lord, Pick a Bale of Cotton.
Oh Lord, Pick a Bale of Hay.

Oh Lord, Pick a Bale of Cotton.
Oh Lord, Pick a Bale of Hay."
Tommy O' Shea, Linda, Joanne and I apparently pissed off some neighbors by our late night adaptation of this song as performed by Steve Martin and Cast in one of my favorite films, "The Jerk".
I thought we were pretty good.

Memorial Day Reading

I remember that Memorial Day mean't going to Union Street in Lynn to watch the parade. The highlight was always when the Scottish Bagpipers marched by.
Haven't done that for awhile.
I'm reading a book called "Mayflower" by Nathaniel Philbrick. The Pilgrims were a pretty brutal lot. There is something about that primeval time that is very attractive. It's interesting how the mix of philosophy, economics and techology converged in a mix of races and cultures. It almost seems like people are exactly the same as now, but the environment and technology dictated the cadence of life.
Once again, it is the Native American Indian culture that holds the greatest fascination for me. Although, Philbrick doesn't mention the great sachem, Nanepashemet. He is more concerned with Massasoit and his son, Metacomet, or "King Philip" as he is widely known.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Herreshoff Columbia Launch Punchlist.

Today, he interior was sanded and a final epoxy coating was applied. Even though the boat looks finished and ready to launch, there is still a ton of work to do....
1 Day
  • Oar Blocks attached and fitted
  • Centerboard attached to case
  • Rudder hardware attached to the transom
  • Rudder attached to the Tiller
1 Day
  • Mast constructed and shaped
  • Mast fitted into first seat
4 Days
  • 1st coat of marine varnish sprayed
  • Seating attached to hull
  • 2nd coat of marine varnish sprayed
  • 3rd coat of marine varnish sprayed
  • Hull turned over and sanded with 220 grit
  • Exterior coat of Marine varnish sprayed
  • Final coat of marine varnish sprayed interior and exterior
2 Days
  • Sail Stitched together
  • Rigging applied to mast and sail
That's eight work days before the Herreshoff Columbia Yacht Tender touches the salt in Marblehead Harbor. It won't be easy to squeeze these work days in before the 4th of July, but that is the goal.

Sanding Resolve

OK, I'm ready.
It's 9:30 AM. I'll fire up the sander and do nothing but sand the interior of the tender until 2:00 PM. Then I'll shower and have a Sam Adams Summer Ale.

WhaleEye Delay

The WhaleEye is delayed. Mark Ryan says we have a bent propeller shaft. I saw where one of the propeller blades was dinged last year. Apparently we hit something and the shaft has to be replaced.
That kills the weekend for Mikey. We'll be ready when he comes home for the 4th of July, though.
Actually, I don't mind that much, because I'd like to spend some time organizing the interior and fixing the hatch hinges. Still waiting for the Leaning Post that is on backorder from Boater's World. This will replace the helm chairs which have never been that comfortable and are actually not functional when the boat is underway.
So more work on the Tender is in store until the family gets together at 4:00 this afternoon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tender Details

I'm really stalling on the dog work sanding. I know that going in, so don't start in on me.
Made the cap on the centerboard with the pulley installed, drilled the hole for the drain through the keel and brass trim and epoxied the rudder. It doesn't sound like much, but it took a lot of standing around and aimless staring.
I also installed the trailer plate on the trailer.

Saturday Morning Stress

I'm trying to have coffee this morning in the same room with Katelyn and Joanne. Sorry if I have to breathe. They get pissed off at anything I say. And I haven't farted or anything.
BTW, it's a sure sign that Kate spent the night with us here in Marblehead when I get up and find a Magic Hat 9 opened with two sips taken out of it. A fine beer wasted.
Thank God it wasn't a glass of Lagavulin.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Peter Crawford Tale

This unlikely story has been circulated by Peter Crawford. Since he is a former POTW, I feel compelled to pass this on....
On a warm May day, paparazzi roaming the boatyards in Historic Marblehead
came upon a scene never witnessed by neither man nor beast. Chuck Bridges,
retired airline pilot, was actually seen in dirty old clothes, with latex
goves, mussed up hair, and blotches of blue bottom paint all over him. The
photographer was drawn to the scene, when he blood curdlling moans coming
from under the boat, as Chuck was attempting to roll on bottom paint with a
disintegreated foam roller. Others in the boatyard were aghast, saying that
Chuck always showed up to "watch" others work on their boats, neatly attired
in khaki pantrs and an oxford cloth blue and white stripe Brooks Bros
shirts. It is well known that Chuck has always been allergic to anything
with the word "work" attached to it. And spends most of his days loitering
outside the local Starbucks, where he tells stories about his childhood in
rural Kentucky, where he was raised by sheep. Could this be a new Chuck, or
maybe just a Confused Chuck. Only time will tell.

Memorial Day Weekend

With the three major balls firmly in in air, I covered a sales meeting at the Hotel, then started the Memorial Day weekend. Mark Ryan called to say that launching the WhaleEye is doubtful, but I still have hope. I bought the first motor from him when he got the Honda dealership and had to remind him that I'm his best customer.
It doesn't matter.
Boat mechanics in Marblehead have you at their mercy. It will happen when it happens, and there's nothing you can do about it. Every year it's the same. They say anything to you, but you get it when you get it. Someday, I want a job like that.
So I took it out on the Tender. I fiberglassed the lead on the rudder, and mortised the brass hardware into the oarloacks. Also epoxy glued the centerboard case into the keel. The Tender is now water tight.
Kate is in Marblehead, and we're waiting for Mike to come in from DC. It's going to be a great weekend.

Peep of the Week - 21 of 2007

The POTW selections were thrown off by Joanne's Sundance Staff shower for Staci. I didn't think that I would have any role, but I had to man the grill and then I had to handle all of the "oohs and ahhs" surrounding the display of the yacht tender.

To make the Peep Choices in the midst of all that would have been way too stressful. So, once again, I have been tardy with the crucial announcement. Shit Happens... Deal with IT!

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week - 21

Mark Ryan
Andrew Card
Nancy Pelosi
Samantha Larson
Mike Nestor
Rick Rockett

Thanks for not freaking out.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Staci

What's it going to take to get Staci Mallette married off to Brian Butler????
As yet another bridal shower.... obviously.
Joanne hosted a great get together for the Sundance Pre-School staff with her culinary skills, but I inadvertently carried the day when I rolled the Yacht Tender out of the garage by popular demand.
Who would have thought that the Tender was going to be a chick magnet!!!
If I had known this, I would have finished the damn thing a lot sooner.

Fine Public Administration

Apparently, this guy, Dan Grabauskas, is responsible for the improvements that I observed at the RMV yesterday.
Nice job Dan.
He's now running the MBTA. Maybe I'll try the bus.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Massachusetts RMV

If you want a slice of American demographics, go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. That is the land of the General Public. Multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-multi. It's a good chance to see how the other half lives. Or make that the other 80%. Not many of us middle aged white guys left.
I remember when the Registry was the place that you went to when you wanted to be treated badly by political hacks with no work ethic and a bitchy attitude.
That wasn't the case today.
The people were given a number when you came in, which printed a pretty accurate projection of the time that you had to wait. Also... no lines anymore. You sit down on a fairly comfortable bench and wait until your number is called and listed on a screen. Plus, the lady who handled my Trailer registration was downright hospitable. Even nice.
An entirely enhanced registry of motor vehicles experience.
I walked out with a register boat trailer and trailer plates. Society is making strides.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

High and Low Technology

As the Vice President of IT at Sundance Pre-School, I had my hands full tonight as I had to do a system recovery procedure on Joanne's computer. It was taking forever so I left around 9:15 PM. Since I have a meeting in Boston at 8:00 AM tomorrow, I won't be able to follow up in the morning. Hope nothing is broken. I like my VP of Facilities Management role there better.
The Boat Trailer assembly took longer than expected today, and I had to make a run to Marblehead Ace Hardware for some missing nuts and bolts. I still can't get over the shock of having to manufacture a trailer.... and that Boater's World had the stones to ship me boxes of steel, nuts and bolts, and called it a trailer. Won't be making that mistake again.
It actually doesn't look too bad, and will be functional for using the Tender in Marblehead Harbor and NH lakes.
Now I have to get it registered to tow on the road by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Bonus Time

My morning business meeting has been postponed and it is a good time to catch up on paperwork and accounting. So I think I'll spend a couple of hours on the Boat Trailer assembly.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Jim Cramer says that he is celebrating the recent stock market surge by switching from Johnny Walker Red to Lagavulin 16 year old, single malt scotch.
I'm impressed.

Mooring is Ready

Went down to the Harbor today to check on my mooring. We are in good shape for a WhaleEye launch this week.
BTW, A Blackbird visited the feeder yesterday. Just one. It had a black body and a purple head. Maybe it's a sign.
Right now there is a beautiful red cardinal out there. As pretty as a cardinal is, it's song .... a distinctive, high pitched "chew, chew, chew"... is just as neat.
I don't know how a Blackbird sounds.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Soprano's Wrap Up

Two more episodes left. I'm thinking that Tony gets whacked.
How else can the series end?
I predict that his Shrink knocks him off in self defense when he tries to murder her for knowing too much.

It's All Good

Keep thinking those good thoughts.
The Law of Attraction guarantees that your ass will get kicked if you don't.
It's going to be a great week, right?
We're gonna make some money, right?
We're gonna close some business, right?
We're gonna get along and appreciate each other, right?
Right on.

Some Assembly Required

I finally got a little work done on the trailer.
If I didn't have a metal grinder and heavy mallet, I would be out of luck. Also, far more mechanical skill is needed than I anticipated. I really didn't expect this to be a project in and of itself.... I naively thought I was buying a boat trailer by mail order and not cartons of steel and bolts.... but it is what it is.
There are four or five hours easy in this effort, which I had not planned for.

Good Song

Dropkick Murphy's

Finch Alert

So far on the feeder, the usual culprits.... lots of Sparrows, Chickadees, Mourning Doves, Cardinals and Blue Jays. Also some Tufted Tit Mouses (Tit Mice???).
Although I have seen a few House Finches, they have been rare visitors and the Goldfinches have not made any appearance at all.
Of Course, the pig squirrels are constant visitors... the guests who wouldn't leave.
Why the picture of the trailer? Because I wouldn't be sitting on this couch lamenting the lack of finches if it wasn't raining and I could be assembling the trailer. That should have been able to go unsaid.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stapleless Plywood Clamps

For the new boat, I will use a stapleless clamping method of plywood clamps secured against the frames, with a wedge against the frame and a wedge against the strip. The strips will be persuaded into place by the use of a heat gun with the system.

Nice Dinner

So I have to admit that Three Cod Tavern was pretty good for dinner tonight.... except for the fact that the owner was blatantly hitting on my daughter, Katelyn, right in front of Joanne and I. It would have been funny if it wasn't my daughter.

Stepping Out

Kate dropped by and wants to go to dinner with us.
We're heading for the Three Cods in Marblehead, which was terrible when Tyler Gill and I had lunch there. But the two Nestor women want to go so I have no say.
I'm pretty sure that Katelyn is not picking up the check.

Boogie Down

If you haven't tried a Neti Pot, then you can't know the liberating feeling of having your sinuses completely rinsed and drained.
It's not fair for me to keep this secret to myself.
All of my Peeps should experience the thrill of mucus free breathing. Your nostrils will thank you for using a Neti Pot.

Pop Culture

What is the popular fascination with the personal lives of people like Joey Butafuco and Anna Nicole Smith? Why does the media focus on people who act on the outskirts of propriety? I suppose it is entertaining to fantasize on the possibility of acting with outrageous abandon, but it gets tiresome to see characters like this constantly on mainstream TV.
Why can't the focus be on renegade boatbuilders, or wireless telecom contractors, or basement tile layers? I suppose that will never happen, but that would be truly fascinating. I mean, I could get into that.

Unlikely Committment

A rainy Saturday.
I told Mike that I'd like to have the Tender done for a launch when he comes home next weekend, but I'll need a combination of good weather and lots of time. With Nanepashemet Telecom getting red hot, and meetings scheduled throughout next week, it appears that I shouldn't have opened my mouth. If the WhaleEye is in the water, it won't matter though.
I'll have to bug Ryan Marine to put the WhaleEye on the Salem Harbor mooring.
In the meantime, I might as well tile the basement today.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Had lunch at the UMASS Club today on Franklin Street in Boston with DiMatteo and Elsier. Great views, good food. I'm glad that Ryan told me about it. The only trouble is that those guys now have my club number.


So I get a series of comments from Lindsey K. asking why she was named a POTW last week.
Very annoying... even retroactively so.
Loyal Blogger Peeps know that such information can never be disclosed. It would be like anti-matter ripping a hole in a parallel universe.
I can't be held responsible.


Anything too stupid to be said is sung.
- Voltaire

Since I don't sing too well, the Blog will have to suffice.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week 20 - Peep of the Week

For the first time in a long time, all of the POTW selections are males. Don't make a big thing out of it!! It's just the way it happened. I'm not going to pick a woman just to be politically correct! That would be so un-Nanepashemet-like. Why can't we all just get along????

NANEPASHEMET PEEPS OF THE WEEK for the 20th Week of 2007

Bill Hillegas
Pat Piscatelli
Steve Lewis
Peter Crawford
Timothy, the Gay French guy at the Paris Whiskey Bar
Tony Blair

Next week I will take care to see if any women meet the criteria, which bears repeating here due to the enthusiasm by which some peeps seem to feel when they are honored/disgraced.

To be a Nanepashemet POTW, one has to meet one or a combination of the following conditions...

  • Do something Annoying
  • Do something Inspiring
  • Not be Dead
  • Not be an Animal
  • Have given me a bottle of Lagavulin 16 yr old single malt scotch over the past week
The Lagavulin condition is automatic. A side rule is that if you ask to be a POTW, you can never be selected, unless I forget later on.

BTW, I'm starting to run a little low on Lagavulin.


Keep your pants on. We'll be annointing the chosen this evening.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marblehead Gunning Dory

With the Herreshoff Columbia Yacht Tender coming to a conclusion, I have to get serious about the next project. Even though I was set on a Maine Peabod, I've always liked this dory which was popular in Marblehead at the turn of the last century, and is known as the Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory, as drawn by John Gardner.
Ryan was saying that my next project should be a boat that can be motorized, and could be used to flyfish in close to the rocks.
The dory design has a flat bottom and this version has a motor well. I can envision three people in this boat rather comfortably, with a fishing station in the bow and stern and the middle reserved for the "guide" handling the motor.
I would modify the design by decking the bow and stern to be conducive to flycasting, changing the motor well so that the shaft and propeller could be tilted back up clear of the bottom, and rounding the hard chines so that I could plank the sides with cedar strips.
The boat is 18' long and has nice lines. Some feel that this is the culmination of the dory line. I've seen this boat at Grace Oliver Beach in Marblehead and at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle.
Bill Hillegas was freaked out that I knew so much of this boat when we were on a business trip in Seattle and saw it on Union Lake, and when I told him that I had a set of plans in my room, I knew that he thought I was bullshitting him. So I went up to the room and brought the plans down to the bar.
I wish that I had bet him money. He couldn't believe it.
Maybe this will be the choice.

Feeling the Heat

Memorial Day heralds as the first real day of summer.
I'm going out on a limb to say that the Tender will be ready. It would be great to have it done before Mike comes home from Washington. Looking forward to trolling for stripers by rowing close to the shoreline and islands.
Ryan is already showing tuna fever - practicing Bimini knots and stuff. Mark Ryan at Ryan Marine says that the WhaleEye will be in the water by the end of the month. We have to take on the Maddie's Anglers in the Tuna Tournament.
This is going to be the year.
Adding sushi to the menu... not just the daily specials.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Waiting for Someday

This is an Apha dory that I plan to build at a future date. I hope God gives me the time. I'm thinking of building it in cedar strips rather than marine plywood.


More to Come.


I haven't even started yet.

Cleveland - Minnesota

Lucky Mike is sitting in Cleveland at the Indians - Twins game in the 2nd inning with Cleveland leading 7-2.

Incontrovertable Evidence

I can't get into "Dancing with the Stars" this year. I was rooting for Emmit Smith last year, but nothing moves me this time. Probably another bit of evidence on the irrefutable fact that I' m not GAY!!!

Running Out the String

Remember Chris Crawford? The Peep who got screwed out of the marathon win by the Kenyan who got the big head start?
Well his luck just isn't changing.
His wife, Sarah, made things so much worse by going on a Lagavulin binge at a whisky bar in Paris.
Nice Sarah. Although if you are going to kick Chris while he's down, I have to admit that Lagavulin in Paris is a pretty classy way to do it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's the OCEAN!

Does it irk you when people refer to the Atlantic Ocean as "the Pond" ? Me too, but in the most recent case, the perpetrator is one of my personal favorites, so I'll have to issue a pass.
Would the Pacific be termed "the Lake"? Extremely irksome.
Just don't do it again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Note to Self

Remind me never to get a letter of recommendation from Buck Johnson.

A Day for Mother

So the Red Sox pulled off a thrilling 6 run, 9th inning rally to beat the Orioles today! Lucky for me that Joanne was watching some Lifetime, made for women, Chick flick instead. Otherwise, all of the excitement might have caused a spike in my high blood pressure.
Happy Mother's Day.

Tender Homestretch

The major structural components are done on the Herreshoff Columbia Tender except for the sails, masts, and tiller. I'm waiting for oar lock hardware to arrive from Jamestown Distributors.
Now the real dog work begins - final coating and epoxy sanding, permanent attachment of floor board and seats, and spray varnishing. These steps will determine the quality of the overall project, so I can't rush it.
I'm really happy with the lines of the boat.
I know that the next project was supposed to be a Maine Matinicus Peapod, but wouldn't it be cool to build another Tender which I could us to race various worthy Peeps, kids, friends and grandkids? The Peapod could serve this purpose, but we'll need a small fleet of the same Tender class.
If you would like me to build one for you, kindly send a check for $20k to Nanepashemet Boatbuilders and be prepared to wait for two years or so. Seriously, if there was enough demand, I would open a loft and do it full time, but I doubt that the market would bear the final price that all of the labor requires.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tiling Slowly

With all of the emphasis on the Tender, the basement tile job has admittedly taken second position.
Mike is concerned that the basement will be in inoperable when he comes home from DC on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, but I have a contingency plan in place. we'll get stuff temporarily back in place while he is around.
Since I have to rip out cabinets, the tender is nearing completion, and the fishing season looms, even I would be nuts to tell you that the basement would be done by the Fourth.
But it doesn't hurt to try.
BTW, it is incredibly painful to lay tile if you don't do it everyday. Working on your hands and knees and stretching to trowel uses muscles that scream from disuse.

Mother's Day Thoughtfulness

So I ordered a Neti Pot from Amazon for Joanne for Mother's Day. The gift of clean and drained sinuses. I hope she doesn't get all emotional.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Good Day

DId you ever have one of those days when everything seemed to work out pretty good? Today was one for me.
Got some quality time sanding and epoxying the tender in the morning, was accepted for membership in the UMASS Club on Franklin St. in Boston, had a good field meeting at cell and switch sites on the Cingular Energy effort, received more RFP's for the Coast Guard job, took delivery on the final marine varnish from NewFound Woodworks, and paid my dues at the Maddie's Angler Club.
A rich full day.
If this continues, I will shortly be formulating solutions for world peace.

Week 19 POTW

I have to hurry with the selections tonight, because I have to go to the Maddies Anglers Club meeting on the upper deck of Maddies Sail Loft. A trip to Maddies is always risky and I want to make the selections when my faculties are suitably sharp.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week - week 19 of 2007

Lindsay Kepnes
Jill Phillips
Dale Johnson
Jim Ouellette
Will Murray
Janet Doyle

I'll check back with you after the Maddies Meeting.

Squirrel Antidote

You remember Isabelle? Our other cat who is always such a bitch to Ronick?
Well she proved her worth this morning as she kicked some freaking squirrel ass on the deck.
I love you so much, Izzy.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Making Tender Time

Before I meet the team at the cell site tomorrow, I'm going to try to get some Tender work in. The idea of doing a little after business is over isn't happening. It's just too tiring to haul everything out and get a fine layer of sawdust on me in the evening.
If I can coat some parts with epoxy, or get some sanding in before the morning shower, maybe I can make some weekday progress. I'm getting antsy, because I can see the conclusion of this project. The current goal is to completely finish before Kid Nestor decides to be born.

Size Containment

The meeting with Ed Hudson was really interesting. With the VP/GM role in wireless expanded to include International as well as the IWIN win, the old GD business unit has substanitially diversified. I'll have to admit that the conversation was cathartic to me as I recounted my viewpoint of wireless events, which I'm sure comes to him from a different perspective.
Saw some great people in the Needham halls.
Tomorrow, Cingular energy.... Friday, Sprint. Trying hard to keep it small without much luck.

Seasonal Declaration

As far as I'm concerned, it is the first day of summer. The temp is projected for the 80's today, and all of the trees have full foliage. Time to launch the boat. Woe to Fish!!!
This summer proves really promising between Kid Nestor, the Tender Launch, Nanepashemet Telecom, and the Tuna Quest. I hope you are getting psyched about your summer.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

POTY Chase

Barely four months after his controversial selection, Tom McMahon proved why he is the defending Nanepashemet Peep of the Year.
Not many guys would chase the idiots that run onto Fenway during a baseball game, but Tom (in his official polo and khakis) made this Blog proud with his highly publicized and televised effort.
Annoying or Inspirational.... whatever!!!
Nice work McMahon. You have maintained the standard. That's what it takes to be a POTY!

Balancing Priorities.

A beautiful day. I've been trying to work in some time on the Tender the last few days, but have been on a roll at work and haven't found the time. Looking forward to this week, I really don't see much chance until the weekend.
Good thing for Nanepashemet Telecom.... bad for the Tender.

Tornado News

Is the weather that bad lately, with the Midwest tornados and flooding, or is the ability to report local news on a national scale so much improved over the past? The information revolution makes all news local and personal.... brings it immediately to our attention from any point in the world.
My sense is that the weather has always been this horrific, but the majority of us have not been bombarded with the details.

Squirrel Bitch

I surrender. The squirrels treat me like their bitch. They just eat my birdseed and hardly go through the motions of running away when I try to shoo them off.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Mary's First Dark and Stormy

When Mary, Katelyn, Staci and Emily dropped by yesterday and farted on our couch, Emily asked if I would make her a Dark and Stormie. A little early for the classic Nanepashemet Drink of Summer, but after a quick trip to the Community Store, I was happy to oblige. I was horrified at first that the store was out of Stephans Ginger Beer, however the Barretts was a fine substitute.
At least it wasn't Ginger Ale.... which wouldn't even qualify for a Dark and Stormy.
It was Mary's first D&S, and she was suitably impressed, as is should be.

Party On

Getting Staci married off has become a serious party effort for Katelyn and Mary. It all comes to a head on June 23 in Burlington, VT.
But it is unlikely that it will end there.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Someone Farted

An Irritating Solution

So Joanne's strategy for scaring the squirrel off of the birdfeeder is to slam the deck door.... which is about fourteen times more irritating than the squirrel. Then the squirrel comes back anyway.... hogging the feeder and eating his weight in seeds.
I'd much rather have the squirrel squander the birdseed than deal with the door slamming.
I'm being tortured.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seeing the Finish Line

Big progress today on the Tender. The seats were sanded and epoxied, and the centerboard swivel hardware was fitted. Also, it appears that the interior epoxy mess can be overcome with extensive sanding and foam brushing the last coat of epoxy.
With the weather report set for mainly sunny over the next week, the Tender should be really shaping up soon. Then I'll have to assemble that damn trailer.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow, May 5, a lot of you are going to hoist a few margaritas, chug some tequila and down some nachos in a salute to Cinco de Mayo. I wonder how many of you really know what you are celebrating? Nonetheless, like St. Patrick's Day, a holiday centered around drinking has a certain attraction to it.
You should take the time to find out what Cinco de Mayo signifies. It's pretty interesting... and worth celebrating. Cinco de Mayo

Back Off

So I'm cruising along today, minding my own business, taking a day off from work for the most part to grout basement tiles and attend to the tender seats. No aggressiveness, no anxiety, just keeping rhythm with the Universe.
When POW!!! I get blindsided right when I didn't expect it.
First - a voicemail from one of my most trusted Peeps saying that the Blog has been "lame" lately.
Then - an email from one of the most loyal Nanepashemet Bloggers and a recent POTW asking me where I "buy my birdseed".
How would you react? It naturally jolted me out of my state of cosmic harmony, just as I was started to get really mellow.
But rather than shy away from the controversy, I'm taking them on, in order, and setting them damn straight.
As for the Blog being lame lately... it has always been lame, and it is not my fault if you are just now noticing. And where I buy my birdseed is personal and confidential. Find your own sources. What do you think this is??? A repository for birdseed junkies???
Think twice before you try to derail me the next time!

Freaking Little Pig Squirrels

Remember how I told you that the grey squirrels at the bird feeder didn't bother me? Well, I changed my mind.
The freaking little pig squirrels have already emptied the feeder that I filled for the weekend. Pigs!!! They look at me with impunity and come back as soon as I leave the deck. The birds fly over, land on the feeder, have a few seeds, and fly away. But the pig squirrels just hang on the feeder, gorging themselves, probably getting squirrel saliva all over the perches and stuff.
Looks like I'll have to teach Ronick to savor a little squirrel meat once in awhile.
Freaking Squirrels. They don't know it, but they are getting over their head. Biting off more than they can chew. Going way too deep. Out on a Limb. Get my Drift??? Those Peckerheads are in for a little Payback.

Lock and Load

The Bird feeder is loaded and ready for weekend action.
Anytime now, springtime song birds of the Northeast will perch.
I'm on it.

Peeps of the Week - No Fear

I know. It's Friday morning and I still haven't posted the Peeps of the Week. I know they are due on Thursday evening and thousands of you base your whole week of pathetic hopes and aspirations on the selections. And Thursday came and went with you panting in anticipation. I know that I have hurt you.
Yes... it's a little disappointing.
Yes... it's a letdown.
Yes... I screwed up.
So you've never made a mistake before??? Then BACK OFF!!!

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week - 17 for 2007

Peter Caruso
Ed Rubbico
Brian Butler
Mike Rockett
Courtney Nestor
Janet Doyle

Nobody annoying this week because you have me on the defensive. I told you earlier in the week that there was a lot going on. Did you think I was exaggerating???
So... I'm not apologizing.
And you can stop the threatening emails also because you don't scare me.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tender Progress

Believe it or not, I have been able to sneak in a little bit of work on the Herreshoff Columbia Yacht Tender.
The cedar seats are fitted and ready to be removed for sanding and epoxy coating. The centerboard case has to be secured and fitted with the centerboard attached to a lowering hardware rig, and the sailing mast cleats have to be attached.
I still have to sand and re-epoxy the interior sides. And of course, the whole thing has to be varnished with about five interior coats and two exterior.
Come to think of it, there is a ton of work to do......
But it's getting there.
Don't start in on me for a launch date. I've lost all credibility by saying that it would be in by last Thanksgiving. Plus the basement tile job is screaming for attention... and the deck in the back of the house is a mess.
So, I can't guarantee that the Tender will hit the water anytime soon. Keep the dream alive.

Home Depot Contractors

I get a kick out of the recent news showing homeowners outraged by shoddy work at their house performed by Home Depot Contractors.
Anybody who uses Home Depot to do their home renovations deserves to get screwed. If you are a half decent craftsman, you don't have to work for Home Depot to get your jobs. Ergo, anybody who works for Home Depot really isn't at the top of the renovation business.
I buy a lot of stuff at Home Depot because I know what I'm shopping for and they have a great shelf inventory. The pricing is good also.
But if you have to ask a question, or need help in any way, you are in the wrong store. The staff is really bottom barrel in my opinion. The picture at right is purportedly a load of plywood that Home Depot employees helpfully loaded on a customers car.
The idiot who bought this deserves to be screwed. No lack of stupidity here from everybody involved.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rare Feline Behavior

You remember our cat Ronick?
Lately he has been sleeping in a wine crate.
I'm not sure if this is catalogued in the archives of feline behavior.... this could be another first.... capturing the sedentary habits of house cats in wooden Merlot boxes.
Regardless... these photos won't be submitted to the Discovery Channel.
They don't deserve it.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Accepting Change

I was right. The tsunami is hitting.
It's weird how diverse things seem to converge on your life at the same time. But I'm up for it.... ready to tap the deep reserves of strength and resilience that I have stored for these times of challenge and opportunity. Nanepashemet Telecom is shaping up to be one of my more successful ventures. My goal is to keep it controlled and manageable.
Plus, I don't want success to change me. I want to be able to relate to you just as if I was still at the same level as you. Don't worry.... my success and economic dominance won't affect my basic humility. I'll still be the same old down to earth guy, despite my obvious superiority.
I know what you are thinking.... a lesser man would wilt under the stress and pressure. Thanks for the confidence. Now make sure that your subscription to the Wall Street Journal doesn't expire.