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Monday, May 15, 2017

Back Burner

I am frequently compelled to post on Facebook when I see incidents of hypocrisy on TV mainstream media news programs.  It is really aggravating to see journalists who are supposed to be objective.....pandering, fabricating, and propagandizing their bias onto current events.

For me, a Facebook retort is a little therapy.  It calms me down a bit.  But like all actions that we take, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and a little give and take ensues on the Facebook platform.  I like this, and the conflicting viewpoints are a source of entertainment for me.

But not for a lot of other people.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are offended when they see opposing viewpoints.  Instead of engaging in a discussion of why their opinion is different, they simply get angry and lash out.  I admit that this behavior is a mystery to me.

Does the opposing viewpoint uncover psychological self feelings that are intolerable?  Could that be why people shy away from a civil discussion?   I don't know.  I was a PoliSci major.   The depth of my expertise was getting a "B" in Psych101 at UMASS Amherst.

But it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the practice of me coping with what I perceive as irritating hypocrisy by posting my viewpoints on Facebook is a source of consternation to many.

So as I have done in the past, it is time to give it a rest.  Time to step away from the silliness of politics.

Your MOAM has a boat to build in Peabody, a house to finish on Marblehead Neck, an Aquaponics garden to maintain, Grandkids to boast about , and a few Wireless projects to attend to.  Time to put politics in Facebook on the back burner

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