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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Flooring and Planking.

So today, a frigid Saturday in February, my mission is to put down the Maple Hardwood Floor in the guest bathroom and Nanepashemet World Headquarters.

I've had the 3/4 stock piled in my office for a while now, and today is the day that it all gets pneumatically nailed in place.

No Facebook political battles will deter me.   I don't care if you call me a Nazi, Racist, KKK Member, or that Sexist M word that I can never spell..... you won't lure me away from my appointed task.

By the end of the day, I will be looking at a slab of maple hardwood, sparkling in the Bathroom.

The floor will be finished with multiple coats of high gloss Poly over the next week, then baseboards will be installed and the toilet and sink can go in.

Tomorrow, on Superbowl Sunday, my goal is to get some time in the Peabody Shop routing the cove portion of  the cedar strip planking for the Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory.    I set up the router table with the specialty 1/4" cove bit last week and the test run was perfect.  So there is a chance that I can finish all of the planks in a couple of hours if I can get on a roll.

Course, everything halts in the afternoon as I prepare rituals to insure that the Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl.  Brady and Belichick deserve it... and not just because they are loyal Trump Supporters.

Integrated into all of this high level activity is the need to check in with Drew Joseph Nestor.... the first born of Mike and Pam Nestor and my sixth Grandchild, who made his entry onto the earthly plane last week, on Monday, January 30.  I'm expecting great things of Drew.... and will definitely teach him how to lay down a hardwood floor and plank a Dory.

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