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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Facebook Infatuation and Pluralism

My infatuation with Facebook continues unabated.... which is both entertaining and annoying.

But I am starting to notice trends.

Facebook used to be a status site.   "I'm at Dairy Queen in Everett eating Ice Cream with Henry".

Now it has morphed to extensive political debates and rancorous discourse.

I don't condemn this..... in fact I admit that I really enjoy it.

But I've started to develop some protocols for posting.

I'll respect you, no matter how much I disagree, and no matter how heated our threads get.... as long as the conversation doesn't deteriorate into a personal insult, or you whip out the Racist or Nazi card in your disdain for President Trump.   When that happens, I will do my best to aggravate the crap out of you in the thread,and  afterwards I'll defriend and block you from seeing any more of my posts..... and insuring that I don't see yours.

The reason is that after you show your character by getting underhanded, every time I see you after that, I get a negative feeling.   Life is too freaking short to get aggravated just by seeing your name at that point.  So Buh Bye.

Don't get me wrong.   I don't condemn you to everlasting Hell fire.  I just don't need a negative thought emanating from me just because I see your posts.

And I hope my Facebook experience doesn't get homogenized.... I actually really cherish the exchanges I have with people who I disagree with, but with whom the line of mutual respect for different opinions is not crossed.

 Liberals take Trump literally and don't take him 😒 seriously. Conservatives take Trump seriously and don't take him literally. I suppose something in you DNA determines how you react to him. 

I didn't make this up, Saw it somewhere on line, but this explains a lot for me.

After a number of years doing this, it is apparent that "facts" will never change people's opinion... so that is never my expectation to make you change your mind.   My goal in a Facebook political tread is to articulate my position (often so that I solidify it for myself), and have a little fun sparring with those who think differently than I do.

So if you want to be defriended, call me an Asshole, or call our POTUS a Racist.  You will get your wish, and I will move on with people who can respect others in a pluralistic society.

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