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Friday, September 02, 2016

Salvaging the Summer

So it's Labor Day.
Freaking Already!!!!

Every Summer it's the same thing.   Slips by without any real celebration.  No fish, no vacation.... just lots of work.

And so it was this year.

I had numerous business details to tend to, and the summer walked right by.  My Mother died,  My Mother in Law went into Hospice, Daugters in Law got pregnant.... the circle of life remained in full array.

The Aquaponics project showed promise though.  Even though Critters stripped any vegetables away, I learned a lot, the fish survived, and I will build a greenhouse enclosure to thwart whatever gopher or raccoon who has treated me like his Bitch.

Mike and I will be heading to Cape Town and Johannesburg to celebrate the wedding of Nathaniel soon, and I hope that this will be a milestone to remember.  After that, I will get the Herreshoff Tender back into rowing shape and see if I can salvage some autumn fishing.

There still is September, and that will have to do this year.

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