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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Secret to Happiness

I'm feeling generous and magnanimous this Mid-July Saturday morning.

And because this emotion is a rarity for your MOAM, I have decided to mark the occasion by giving you hapless Peeps an important lesson for attracting happiness into your life.

A lot of affirmations are really good, but way too long and I can never remember them so that I can live by their advice and solace.

The mantra that I use is a lot simpler.

This is it Peeps.  Remember it because it freaking works.

"Live in the Present. Think Good Thoughts."

Whenever I find myself spinning out to a mentally stressful state, I notice that I am not concentrating on whatever is happening in my immediate present.  I am letting my imagination soar with scenarios that have not happened.... or I am regretting things in the past that I have absolutely no control over.

If I then revert to attend to whatever my current senses are experiencing..... driving my truck, spreadsheet number crunching, blogging, cutting wood..... whatever..... the stress  diminishes.  And if I then fill the void with a positive good thought about the present situation, I actually feel at ease and a content feeling engulfs my body.

Screw you if you think I am weird.... this shit really happens.

But there is a catch.

The catch is that it is hard to maintain yourself constantly "Living in the Present, and Thinking Good Thoughts."   Your ego always kicks in to skew your thoughts with emotions geared to self preservation and self aggrandizement.

I mean, if you could constantly stay in the present and think good thoughts you would transform into a Christian Saint or Hindu Guru.   And there are not a lot of those types out there in my humble experience.

The key is to counter your negativity whenever you notice it and resolve again to "Live in the Present. Think Good Thoughts."

Try it Peeps.   It works.

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