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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Say No to Chicago.


Many of you may recall that I had supported Seth Moulton as our Congressman in the 6th Essex District of Massachusetts.

Naturally, the Nanepashemet Nod secured the election for Seth.  My hope was that even with his Liberal leanings, he would not be a typical Democratic Kool Aide Drinker and would have the ability to cross the aisle and compromise with Conservatives to end Congressional gridlock.

But it seems that I may have misjudged.

  • He doesn't like Trump, which is fine, but he calls him Hitler.... a stupid, immature and bad move by Seth.
  • He not only aligns with the Evil H, but campaigns in NH for the disgusting, immoral candidate.
  • He walks out of a moment of silence on the House Floor.
  • And he joins the 2nd Amendment issue by misrepresenting assault rifles in a move that divides rather than unites us on the issue of gun control.

I'm disappointed.... but not yet willing to completely give up on the young promising leader.

He now is calling for Federal Background checks and removing the right to purchase firearms by people listed on the Federal no-fly list.

On it's face, I agree with Seth W. Moulton.

Background checks cannot be disputed, but If bureaucrats like FBI Director Comey can erase your 2nd Amendment right by simply adding you to a "no-fly" list, you better have a trustworthy system of due process to enable you to dispute and resolve your "listing" and restore your rights. People don't trust Liberals to incorporate this, and it seems to be a slippery slope for eliminating our essential right for self-protection.

Evil H has already made clear that she wants to take our handguns. And this loophole to eliminate our rights would fall right into manipulating hands like hers.

The inaccuracies that Liberals put Assault Rifle debate is a smokescreen.

Democrats have ignored instances where total gun control is in effect..... like in in Chicago where guns are banned.
But the stats by the Chicago Tribune below illustrate that this is a foolish and faulty policy in eliminating our right to self protection granted to Americans by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution

Chicago YEARLY TOTALS JAN. 1, 2016 - JULY 10, 2016 - 2,0541 shooting victims. JAN. 1, 2015 - DEC. 31, 2015 - 2,988 shooting victims.

Don't make the whole country like Chicago.

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