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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Potential Waste of Time

So Hilary dodged another bullet today.   Even better than when she was under fire by Serbian Snipers.  FBI Commish Comey said that his above reproach investigation did not uncover enough to indict.   If you think that Comey is anything less than a Kool Aide Connoisseur, then you are a sadly mistaken witness to this rigged of all justice systems.   When he was dancing around the designation of the Orlando assholes as terrorists, you had to know that the Evil H would yet emerge again despicably scott free.  Then, Wild Bill's chance meeting with the Secretary of the Justice Department, talking about their grandkids for a half hour, sealed the deal.

If you can't smell the stink, then hightail it to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, because you definitely have a diminished sense of smell.

Peeps.... I know the alternative is a boorish, ego-maniac who is capping out his career by reaching out for the POTUS Gold Ring,  but at least Trump is not evil.  Being obnoxious in other situations might be enough to cast him aside.

Hillary on the other hand, is an evil manipulator, who will stoop at nothing to maintain a power base that she uses to enrich herself right in front of her sheep-like followers eyes.   She has been fined, fired and sanctioned for her dishonesty so many times that to recite the litany gets too long to believe.
Peeps.... I will hold my nose and support Trump before voting for such a morally repulsive congenital Liar.   Can you imagine eight more years of Clinton largess?  It would be such a waste of time.

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