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Friday, July 08, 2016

A Missed Opportunity

Once again race relations is in the news as the tragedy in Dallas unfolds.

Police apprehended a Black suspect and in an ensuing struggle, he was shot four times and died.

Some believe that the Police felt that he was trying to draw a pistol.

Others believe that he was murdered by the police brutally for no reason.

Then snipers killed five, opening fire on police in Dallas.

In the meantime, the carnage continues in Chicago where a person is shot every two hours.... living in a City where guns are outlawed.

When Obama was elected some 7 1/2 years ago, I distinctly remember the feeling that even if I did not agree with his Liberal politics, that race relations would finally cease to be an issue in this country.

Not by a long shot.  His leadership, or lack thereof, has exacerbated any improvements in this area, and we so much worse off than when he was elected.  The phrase "Black Lives Matter" has been invented during his tenure.  Such a travesty that people legitimately feel that they have to express their feelings on race in this matter.  

Obama hasn't drawn people and races together.   He has pushed them apart with a one sided ingrained ideology.

Electing the first Black President should have been a healing event.

Seems like we missed a great opportunity.

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