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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Growing Pains

So Peeps....
I think that your MOAM is all grown up now.

At least I'm old enough to know that this world is a boundless free-for-all populated by political leaders who treat others like sheep and blatantly lie to enhance their power.

And the Sheep do not care.

They are content to be lead by such obsequious leaders who actually are mirrors of themselves or who they wish themselves to be.

Truth, ethics and integrity are completely missing as the sheep lie and deceive in order to keep their individual interests feathered.

I used to think that if you gave someone all of the objective facts, they would form an honest opinion. But they assemble the facts into pre-conceived notions and distort the conclusions to fit their subjective agendas.

Is the truth unobtainable?

I'm  grown up enough now to admit that it is.

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