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Saturday, June 25, 2016

End of Quarter Double Down

It's been one of those stressful, no fun weeks.

End of the quarter histrionics.... customers needing to check corporate boxes.   We vendors at the bottom of the food chain are prone to excessive beatings at such times.  Rushing to get normal things done creates mistakes, which exacerbates the already frayed nerves.

When people tell me to double down, at times when I'm already doubled down.... I tend to have highly disrespectful and slightly vulgar thoughts.   As a professional trying to practice my profession, and as a businessman trying to make money, I'm already working at a pace that some would call feverish.  It gets pretty hard to maintain your cool when you then get extolled with corporate threats or pep talks.

But that's when being a MOAM kicks in.   You basically have no idea what my real thoughts are under my cool professional demeanor.   And the freaking work gets done regardless.

So this Saturday morning, I'm kicking back with Joanne and our 18 month old grandson, Connor, who spent the night with us.  After trashing the living room and watching some Sesame Street movie, our plan is to get in the backyard and trash stuff around there.

Later, Katelyn will come by, and I will supplement the trashing with some Bent Water Pearls.... ultimately resulting in being totally trashed sometime this evening.

It is a day that I deserve.

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