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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Aquaponics Update

The aquaponics project is moving along. Seventeen fish are in the fishtank, pooping and adding ammonia, nitrates and bacteria that are circulating up to the grow beds.  The beds in tune are filtering out these nutrients and returning purified water back to the fishtank.

A critter got into the fish pellets a couple of nights ago, and spilled the bucket, but didn't seem to eat too much.  That was my fault for not securing the cover.

The only problem is that the bell siphons are not dependable, and only one bed seems to be really thriving.

But the whole system looks cool as hell.  A number of SuperPeeps such as Tommy O and Brendt D'Orio have dropped by for a personal tour, which your MOAM is only to happy to provide.

We have harvested a good size salad's worth of lettuce already, and the tomatoes and peppers are kicking along nicely.  But the cauliflower looks pretty bad and the parsley is a bust.  I'd like to get some kale in there soon

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