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Friday, April 22, 2016

Late April Weekend.

April is an important month.  Because if you live in New England, the best months of the year are June, July, August, and half of September.  So you don't want to be burdened with job and household jobs during these months.  You want to be fishing, riding your Bike and doing anything but house chores.  The time to get this stuff done is April and May.  And April is half gone.

This weekend looms important per the above standard.  I don't want to be painting, or building stuff or anything else once June kicks in, so it's imperative that I get a shitload of stuff done in April, and this is one of the last weekends left.

So, the choices for this weekend are as follows.....

  • Rake the yard and get all of the debris to the dump.
  • Uninstall the bathroom and get the wall ready to paint.
  • Finish the Solar Pump installation and move from Peabody to under the Deck.
  • Cut the IBC Totes for the growing beds and the fish tank.

The old Me would think that all of this can get done this weekend.  I would be ecstatic to get three out of four.

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