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Friday, April 01, 2016

Damnable PP

Lately I've been involved in some emotional exchanges on Facebook regarding abortion.

I realize that this is a no-win topic.  But it is a discussion that drags at the core of  the human race.

When you have federally funded organizations like  Planned Parenthood advocating for the sale of human fetus parts, to stay silent in my mind is akin to knowing that the Nazis gassed millions, but remaining mum.

And make no mistake about it.... I believe that those who operate the Planning Parenthood debacle are as glib about human life as Dr. Josef Mengele.

That said, I am Pro-Choice regarding abortion.

I believe that a women has the right to put the fetus in her body to death.

It is a legal right.... but before you read on.... being legal is not the same as being moral.  The Nazi's legally gassed Jews and Gypsies..... a moral abomination.

The State has the right to exact capital punishment on humans... under legal processes....and a women has the right to kill her fetus in our society.

Both should be done only after intensive examination, and never casually.

When you look at a sonogram of a one month fetus, and see the heart beating.... you have to be a savage not to acknowledge that this a human life.   To exterminate this life, because it is inconvenient... is barbaric.

Yet barbarism is not foreign to humans.  Less than 200 years ago, it was legal in the United States to treat people as property and own slaves.  There were some in the United States that were passionate about the right to own slaves, and were willing to go to war to maintain that right.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, started the organization as a means to cull the African American population, which she viewed as "human weeds".  I believe that the people who advocate casual abortion are the incarnation of the proponents of slavery in this country.  Whether it is a coincidence that they both are Democrats is notwithstanding.

I recently came across a Facebook post, wishing that Donald Trump's mother had aborted him.

It is this level of glibness on the topic that is wrong and nauseating.

Pro-Choice women passionately cry out that no one has a right to tell them what they can do with their own body.  I agree.  That is their solemn responsibility to judge whether they have a moral standing and reason to kill the fetus growing within them.

But to treat the extinguishing of human life as a matter of convenience or birth control, particularly in the context of abortion factories like Planned Parenthood, is damnable.

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