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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Lately getting old has been occupying center stage in my thoughts.

My mother turns 90 next month, my father-in-law is 92, and my mother-in-law is 88 and in the hospital after having surgery for a brain aneurysm.

When I was growing up, I thought that people in their sixties were old.  All four of my grandparents died young... I only briefly knew my Maternal Grandfather.

But since then, things really have seemed to change.

Now with my parents in their nineties, and some of my best friends in their seventies, I'm starting to think that our kids and grandkids will see centenarians as a matter of course.  Not sure of the reasons for the uptick in longevity.  Probably a mixture of the availability of food and shelter as well as medical technology.

Most likely, my Mother-in-law would had died without her recent brain surgery, and a number of other family members and friends have recently had medical procedures without which their lifespan could have been threatened.

So getting old is not the challenge.  Surviving is no longer the issue.  The emerging concern is quality of life.  What will you do with that survival?

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