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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

An Iowan Evening

It's only 6:30 in the morning.

Could you neurotic Peeps please refrain from this constant barrage of cell calls, voice mails, emails and message texts just to find out what the MOAM take is on the Iowa Freaking Caucus Results??!!!!!

For Chrissakes.... it's only Iowa.  Since when does a bunch of white, flatland farmers arguing in gymnasiums get everyone so riled up?????

I sure am glad that they don't have the caucus system in Massachusetts where I am registered as an Independent.  The last people I would asked who I should vote for as POTUS are my crazy neighbors.

But that's me... the good US Citizens of Iowa have spoken.... or some of them have anyway.

For the Republicans, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have topped the ticket... none with an overwhelming plurality.   They have established themselves as the frontrunners, and if this is duplicated next week in NH, the others should step out.  I actually wish that Jeb Bush would leave now.   He is a praiseworthy candidate, but has not caught the imagination of the electorate and I kind of feel embarrassed for him due to his level of funding and family legacy.  Throw your support to your upstart Marco, and move out with class, Jeb.

The Democratic race is really intriguing.  Despite the early coronation of Hillary Clinton by the DNC, with a rigged debate schedule and money flowing in from all the usual sources like Soros, etc, the lowly Socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vt, Bernie Sanders.... a 72 year old Commie with a Brooklyn accent and no SuperPAC support has virtually tied the disgusting H in a too close to call contest.

The Democratic Party Sheep Herders are really wringing their hands over this one.  Their corrupt candidate, who was assurred of continuing the largess that keeps Dem Hacks in business over the underclasses, is on the proverbial ropes by a candidate who was supposed to be a complimentary diversion.

Yet, this most unlikely candidate, Bernie Sanders, is giving Queen H a huge scare.  And next week, the fine voters of NH are scheduled to give her a double digit ass kicking.  The Democratic Propagandists at ABC Good Morning America, George Steffy and Co., are loving the Trump loss and are saying that Clinton won.  They are transparent Sheepherders.

Damn that "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"!!!!!  Once again they have taunted the Clinton Syndicate.

Bring on the FBI Indictment..... That should complete the job.

Overall, the evening shaped up pretty well in Iowa.

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