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Friday, January 01, 2016

Peep of the Year - 2016

Tom McMahon ~ 2007
Lauren Rathbone ~ 2008
Michael "Murph" Murphy ~ 2009
Jeremy Johnson ~ 2010
Tommy O'Shea ~ 2011
Kerry D'Orio ~ 2012
Brady Boyle ~ 2013
Kim Nestor ~ 2014
Pam Nestor ~ 2015

What do these names mean to you, Peeps?

Aficionados of this Pathetic Blog will note that the beginning of the year is a sacred time for those whose lives require frequent reaffirmation from your Mountain of a Man.  It is a time of reflection, inspiration, hope, mixed with ample portions of nausea and disgust.

The above revered individuals achieved what few of you could ever aspire to in the last nine years.  They met the requisite criteria.... the ultimate standards required to be named to a position of Honor/Distain.... the coveted/dreaded Peep of the Year (POTY)

How, you ask, does a MOAM make such a  momentous choice?Over the the years, the criteria has remained religiously consistent.

The successful/lacking candidate must be....

  • Either annoying or inspirational.
  • Cannot be dead.
  • Cannot be an animal.
  • And the case of the POTY - A case of Lagavulin given to me prior to this moment would have been an automatic.  (The Peep of the Week Auomatic is given after only a single bottle gift of the King of Scotch.
And diligent Peeps know that one can never ask how the criteria matched the ultimate POTY.  That would be bad.

This year... the tenth year for which this controversial  award has been bestowed.... the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year is....

Nathaniel Clarke.

Nathaniel is in for a powerful life changing year, as previous POTY's can attest.  Join me in wishing him the very best as he wields the POTY Power throughout 2016.

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