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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Multitude of Morons Amidst Us.

A Mountain of a Man has to be able to handle disappointment once in awhile..... to be able to move on when things don't flow his way.

So it is now that the Pats are not advancing to the SuperBowl.   Do you see me whining, or moping around in a funk of despair????  Hell no.  It's just freaking football.   If they won every year, it wouldn't feel so good next year... when they take the league by storm and pummel everyone in Brady's righteous path.

Now, I'm gearing up for the Presidential Primaries.... with the Iowa Caucuses just days away.  The race that I'm most interested in is the Democratic contest where I hope that Bernie Sanders embarrasses and demoralizes the evil, corrupt, and generally disgusting H.  When you lay out the shit she has put down in a career of duplicity and corruption, it is so hard to discern why anyone with a conscience could lay down their vote.

Scientifically, the percentage of people who vote for H will be the exact percentage of  immoral morons who don't care about truth and think that H will line their pockets or worse.  We will then know the multitude of morons amidst us.   And there is some value to that.

H is about to get beat by a 75 year old Socialist who has been serving Kool Aide to Kollege Kids for his entire professional career.  She couldn't pick a more vulnerable opponent, and he is kicking her ass.

Even though the Patriots lost.... there is a God after all.

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