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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trolling for Libbies

Lately I've been trolling around some Liberal Facebook posting sites and jib jabbing a litle bit.
Yes.  I know it is a bit juvenile and not really a fitting activity for a Mountain of a Man like myself.
  But it's wicked fun to mess with the Lefties.  
They love to insult you when you actually dispute that Obama was not as bad as Bush (a central fall back position for the Libbies), and of course you are an ignorant moron if you dare articulate that Global Warming (which they now call Climate Change) is a shame and a hoax designed to focus the Sheep Herd away from shit that really matters.
They generally shut up though when you intimate that they support the Butchers of Planned Parenthood selling body parts.  They don't deny it, they just shut up.
Sarah Palin puts them right the frig over the top.  They are so afraid of  strong, honest conservative women.  And BTW, Conservative Women are so way hotter that Lib Fems.   Palin v. H.... imagine if H looks this bad now, how she would look and sound after 8 years of slinging the Bullshit during her nightmare terms as POTUS.
OK.... maybe I should go easier on the mentally challenged Libbies.
But when they swoon over Barack Obama, or state how Hillary Clinton is going to take care of them, big time gag reflex leaves me staggering.
And here's a little tip if you ever get the urge to do a little trolling yourself.
Libs hate it when you tell them that Tom Brady is a Republican.  They go straight into denial mode and Google their ass off trying to come up with way to counteract this unfortunate truth. 
It's pretty funny.

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