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Monday, November 09, 2015

Merry Christmas Starbucks

 Starbucks has come out with their "Holiday Cups" for this season of coffee drinking during Christmas.  Unlike previous years, the cups have no traditional Christmas decoration and are said to be designed to be more inclusive.
Nobody asked me, but you are kind of a loser if you go to a Starbucks to look at their cups.  The reason that they can get away with all of the "Tall" and "Barista" BS is because some people, including me, will pay their premium for a strong cup of coffee.
I don't go there to have a conversation about race relations with one of their goofy "Baristas".... and I don't go there to look at their paper coffee cups.... I go to get a decent cup of coffee, even if it is overpriced.
Companies like Starbucks, or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.... that like to accentuate their product with their political leanings get my patronage because I like their coffee and I like their ice cream, and I could care less what type of lefty message these companies seek to convey.   As much as political discourse is pleasurable to me, there are times when you have to be singular in purpose and dial back your attention to what is in the cup, not what is on it.

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