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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tom Brady and MOAM's.

This Nanepashemet Blog keeps cruising to the top of the Blog world... now ranking in the top 5000 in the United States,,,, despite my neglect in posts and overall drop in intellectual contribution,
I guess it's part of the MOAM Mystique.   Things just keep getting better no matter what the Hell I do.
Like my grilled pizza for example.  Tonight, in anticipation of the Patriots-Steelers season opener, I grilled a artichoke, olive and pepperoni pizza with a mozzarella provolone cheese mixture and tomato vodka sauce.   The grill got to 600 degrees before I put the pizza onto the stone and in five minutes I was eating the best pizza ever made by a person of Irish American descent.
Granted, my Godfather was an Italian, but we fell out of touch years ago,
Even Joanne said it was good, and she secretly hates it when my cooking kicks ass.
So now I have laid down a good base to see Tom Brady and the Pats take the field this evening at 8:30PM at Gillette Stadium.

Speaking of Brady..... the country has been embroiled in a sideshow in the offseason regarding charges that Brady cheated by managing a convoluted process to lessen the air pressure in the game footballs.  I find it amusing as well as irritating at the people who rush to judgement to declare that Tom Brady cheats using this ridiculous ruse.

Brady commits the cardinal sin,,, he is extremely competent in his job in a very competitive industry.  Guys like that always are victimized by lesser men,,,, those who know they could never be his peer, and seek to punish him because of their own deeply held self-disgust,

Peeps,.. I know of which I speak,   It happens to every MOAM.

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