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Sunday, March 08, 2015

WebCam Defense

It been the coldest and snowyest winter in my memory here on the North Shore of Boston.   And we just set the clocks ahead one hour for Spring Daily Saving Time.

Acute case of cabin fever has been ravaging me.   March is always a tough month, but this one, where you still can't walk outside due to the huge dirt covered snowbanks, is particularly onerous.  So much for Obama lecturing us that Global Warming is "settled science".  The only thing settled is BO's tendency to twist reality to fit his agenda.   But enough about our Lefty POTUS.....

So I just got off of Amazon, where I purchased some Japanese Morning Glory seeds, which will be planted if I ever see the soil around the house someday.    Also bought a webcam security system to install at West Shore Drive.  I'm not sure what motivated this purchase, because I don't feel threatened at this address, yet it seemed to be a prudent thing to do....

One of the applications will be to monitor wildlife at night.   The constant snow cover has identified a lot of animal tracks and I was intrigued to find some large coyote prints checking out my trash bins one morning.   There is a lot more action out there at night then we would normally imagine.

The Webcam system links up to 32GB storage and can be viewed and manipulated remotely via iPhone applications.  We've been burglarized five times in Marblehead since moving here from Lynn over the last thirty I guess this is justified  After the first few hits, we learned to lock the doors at nght... no more leaving the doors wide open because of a misguided notion that there is no crime in upscale Marblehead.

The technology is powerful and affordable so there is no excuse for not adding this to your basic line of defense.  When you leave the house, lock the doors and turn on the WebCams.   They record both video and audio when they sense motion and send you an email or FTP notification, so that you can click an app on your smartphone and see what the hell is going on.... as well as tell the Perp remotely through speakers in the WebCam to get the hell away from your stuff as you call the Marblehead Police to nail the scumbag.

Peeps.... we live in a world where our forebears used to guard against MicMac Indian raiding parties, Pirate attacks, and potential death by panthers or bears.   You would think that these ancient scourges have left, and they have.... replaced by other threats, like addicts who must steal to maintain their drug addiction, and a host of other scummy motivations.  There are people out there who want to take your stuff rather than earn their own.

And that doesn't take into account our Global threats by those who would kill you just because you are an American or a Christian.

My new WebCams won't protect me from this stuff.   It will just let me know who ripped me off.  But that's a big improvement.

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