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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Refrain

Its 25 degrees Fahrenheit  here on the North Shore of Boston this Sunday morning.

The shit stirrer in me wants to post something on Facebook about Obama's settled science global warming..... but I don't want to rub it in to my friends in the Democrat Party sheep herd.  They have enough problems, and there is no need for some MOAM like myself reminding them what a crock of shit they have bought into.
It would just be too low.
No, I'm just content to stoke up the fireplace, bundle up, and enjoy the Spring.
It would be great if I could take a spin on my new Trek Domane 4.1 Road Bike... but it is just too phucking cold this Spring morning.
So I guess I will turn my attention to installing some crown moulding in the Master Bathroom and then get a weight workout in.    Maybe make a Whey Protein shake afterward to drown my sorrows.

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