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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hell on Earth

It's a jungle out here in Cyberspace.
Between adware, spyware, phishing and all sorts of  phoney emailed offers.. everyday is a challenge to keep cybercriminals from stealing your stuff.  All sorts of extensions are constantly automatically downloaded into whichever type of browser that you use, and you have to continually check to remove them.   Some items have clever capabilities to avoid being deleted from your computer.
Finally last week, the adware and spyware held all of my browsers hostage, and prevented me from doing basic work. 
So I downloaded Norton Security Suite for all of my computers which seems to have me free of the Bullshit and back in control.   As I had the program scan my hard drives for unnecessary files, it freed up multi-megabytes of space.  Norton was available free from my Internet host, Comcast xfinity, but it would have been well worth the investment if I had to pay.
Things seem to be working again.
I also got my Foscam IP based security camera up online after a ton of Geek work.   It's a great unit, but in no way is it plug and play.   You really have to get good and Geeky to integrate the camera into your local WiFi network.  Lots of trial and error, but now I can access the camera from all of my computers as well as my iPhone.   It even emails me if motion is detected in the surveillance space.
Image result for foscam fi9821wAnd by the time that some scumbag perp trys to dismantle the camera.... his/her image has already been sent to an FTP site, and emails and other alarms have been sent.
 Cost less than $100 bucks which is short money considering the range of functionality and control that you can achieve in guarding your stuff and making sure that you get the drop on any unwelcome visitors
So.... much more focus on Security this week than I would have cared to devote.... both from Cyberspace and physical space.
You have to wonder what goes on in the minds of scumbags who spend so much effort trying to rip you off.... either in person or electronically.   They must live in their own special Hell on Earth.

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