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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Listing Your Home with Nanepashemet

There was a time when.... if you asked your MOAM to list your property for sale through Nanepashemet Real Estate Services... I would refuse.

That's because the only way to get your house properly exposed would have been to advertise heavily in expensive newspaper print media, and a small company like mine, which did not list many properties, could not afford the massive advertising fees.  So I used to advise you to list with the big companies

But this has completely changed.   Now, when I accept your listing, and present your property photos and marketing write up in the Massachusetts Multiple Listing Service, your property also gets extensive on-line exposure on national real estate sales sites like Trulia and Zillow.

And now, practically everyone who looks for a house to buy starts with a web-based, online real estate site.

Selling Mike's condo for a big score, and doing the same for Katelyn recently in South Boston has convinced me that accepting listings is now entirely feasible and now reside fully within our substantial skill sets.  And it doesn't really matter where your property is.... as Mike Murphy can attest.... we can handle your needs in Southborough  as easily as we do it in Southie ... or the North Shore.

Course, I've always been strong being a Buyer's Broker,  negotiating the best deal possible for my clients, but now I have a new found confidence that Listing your Property with Nanepashemet Real Estate is the way to go for both Peeps and civilians, and we can provide all of the exposure that you need on-line.

So this now begs the question....

Why should I list my house for sale with Nanepashemet Real Estate Services?

Notwithstanding the obvious... that you would have the MOAM as your personal agent... there are other, less noticeable reasons.

The First is Attention to Detail and Attention to You, the Nanepashemet Customer.   Your home is typically one of your most important assets,  and you can spend a lot of money in real estate commissions and leave quite a bit on the table if you sell with bad advice.
  • When you List with Nanepashemet, your property is our only concern.  My committment to you is that..... if you hire me as your Listing Agent, I will not accept any other client  until your property has been brought under agreement with a price acceptable to you.  You have the full attention of Nanepashemet.
The Second is the cost of  Brokerage Services.   Many people think that Real Estate Broker's fees are set and standard, but that is not so, and a violation of commerce laws.
  • When you list with Nanepashemet, we will thoroughly discuss fees and give you the best deal possible.  For  instance, if your intention is to List and Sell your home, and then buy a new home in the area within a reasonable time, Nanepashemet will substantially discount our listing fees based upon our subsequent role as your Buyer's Representative.  In a $500,000 sale, taking 1% off of a real estate commission represents a savings to you of  Five Thousand Dollars!  
The Third is taking advantage of professional experience and expertise.  The proper presentation of your home for sale is a multidisciplinary exercise that involves both business and construction skill sets.
  • When you List with Nanepashemet, not only will we give you advice to maximize the value of your house in the market, but we can direct or manage improvements or repairs that will substantially upgrade the value of your property.   We have licensed construction managers on staff and partner with the finest craftsmen in the region.  Many times, the cost of improvements will add substantial value at the time time of sale, or make your property easier to finance for prospective buyers.  We roll the cost seamlessly into the final sale closing.
So now that Nanepashemet Real Estate Services has decided to list properties, you should take advantage of the benefits that will come your way if you list with us.

Peeps... it's a rising market.  there is a lot of money to be made .... and more if you make the right decisions.

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