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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Lesser of Evils

I've been sitting in my living room, this first Sunday morning after Daylight Savings time, watching the early Sunday local programming on local issues. Massachusetts is embroiled in a tight Governor's race between Marsha Coakley and Charlie Baker, and New Hampshire sees a good contest for Senator between Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown.

I'm also interested in the 6th Massachusetts District fight for Congress between Seth Moulton and Richard Tisei.

My criteria for supporting politicians has less to do with party affiliation and more to do with the following.

Who seems honest?   I hate it when candidate treat the electorate like a herd of sheep who will bleat acceptance with any baseless diatribe that is handed them.

Who seems smart and based in reality?   Some candidates are mindless Moonbats that present themselves based upon urban myth and their massive egos.

Who projects themselves as a leader?  Not interested in someone who is in lockstep with Obama or Boehner.  And I don't care what your opinion of your opponent is.... or how you distort his or her record.   I'm only interested in seeing what you think the problems are, and how you would wield the policy to solve them.

Based on these standards, every candidate probably falls short.   But I believe that we all are human with shortcomings and our duty as members of a republic is to support and elect the lesser of evils.

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