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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

If the Republicans Win....

Will Republicans take control of the US Senate tonight?

I certainly hope so.... not because I necessarily favor the Republicans.... but because I hate the fact that the Senate Rules allow one man.... the despicable Senator Harry Reid of Utah as the Senate Majority Leader.... the right to control and stifle the efforts of the entire body.

I believe that Harry is a corrupt pol, who lies with impunity... like the time that he said that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes.... just pulled a lie right out of his Ass with no basis in realty.

There is no room for people like this to wield power in our nation's capital.

If the Republicans have the majority in both Houses of Congress, then expect a range of initiatives to be passed and sent to the President to sign into law.   Course Obama is an ideologue.... an academician, and not a politician like Lyndon Johnson.   He will use the executive power to veto a good deal of the bills that come his way.  

Yet that is a vast improvement over the system that we have today... where ideas among our elected leaders never even reach his desk because of disingenuous gatekeepers like Reid.    At least now, we can have a substantive debate... and break the gridlock of ideas and innovative solutions to the problems of a nation.

If Obama vetoes legislation that comes his way, now we can ask why.....if the Republicans win tonight.

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