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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Change in Venue

Took a little time from Thursday to Monday to work from North Conway, NH.   Even a Mountain of a Man needs a change of  venue once in a while, and  though I was on line and got a lot of work done, we had the chance to meet with friends and enjoy the autumn mountains.

A nice lunch with Christos and Yolanda Laganos at the Mount Washington Hotel on Saturday was followed by a visit to Brendt d' Orio and his trophy wife, former POTY, Kerry d' Orio with their cute kids at their new mountain house retreat.

Christos was in the first grade with the MOAM, and is one of my favorite Facebook friends, and Brendt was Ryan's first friend when he moved to Marblehead in the 2nd grade.  Two great visits in the same afternoon.

Brendt complained that I haven't been picking Peeps of the Week for awhile, and I guess I'll rev up that feature again.... as despicable/enjoyable as it is.

Henry the Cat threw up in the Ford F-150 both to North Conway and back to Marblehead, so the cab is a little rank.  More than usual even.  He doesn't travel well.

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