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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why Vote for Seth Moulton?

So the obnoxious political ad says that you shouldn't vote for Seth Moulton because a ..... Republican..... group gave him money.

Course his opponent, John Tierney, is a lock step Nancy Pelosi Democrat, who has never wandered a a smidgen away from the standard Democratic lines that they feed to their unthinking herd.

I'm an Independent, and I highly resent it when some close minded dweeb decides that calling someone a "Republican" is the ultimate condemnation.  It doesn't even bother me that Seth Moulton characterizes himself as a "Progressive Democrat",  I just want to see people in office who have the fortitude to speak the truth as they see it.... and by the way..... if you think Tierney didn't know anything about all of the dirty off-shore money that his wife ran through his personal checking account, then I've got a Bridge in Brooklyn that you may be interested in.

Moulton is a guy who had the world by the Balls, coming out of Phillips Andover and Harvard..... he could have written his own ticket....but obviously he answered the need to give back and serve our Country in Iraq.

Your Nanepashemet Mountain of a Man doesn't know him, never met him, never even shook his hand.  But a guy with his promise doesn't show up that often.

When I look at the photo above, taken during one of his four tours of duty in Iraq..... I see an "American".   I  will register as a Democrat if necessary, but I'm voting for Seth Moulton for the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District seat.... and I hope you do too.

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