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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Erin Go Bragh? or Bra Less?

Should Gays be allowed to march in the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade?

Absolutely.  It would be illegal to use the public streets and restrict anyone because of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, or sexual preference in Massachusetts

Should they be allowed to wave flags and flaunt their sexual preference?   That  is up to community standards.  Personally, poke it wherever you want.  That's your business, not mine.  And if you want to advertise your preference, that's not an inherent right, and basically is in bad taste in my opinion.

So I support the ban on Homosexuals marching to advertise that they are homosexual.  If they want to march in a marching band, or with any other group.... fine.  But just to flaunt their preference for members of their own sex is not a valid reason and is offensive to community standards in my opinion.

I would be in favor on banning a group of nymphomaniacs from marching for the same reason.
Keep your sexuality in your own pants in public.

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