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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Nanepashemet House is Available for Lease - 12/15/13.

  CALL 781-727-6516 FOR DETAILS.
Live in Marblehead, Massachusetts!

A Mecca of American History and Culture.  World Class Fishing, Sailing, Yacht Clubs combined with New England ambiance.

The featured house for lease is a completely renovated, three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath colonial in a quiet family neighborhood. New kitchen with gleaming granite counters, custom designed cherry cabinets and oversize plank hardwood floors. Danish fireplace stove inserts in living room and family room fireplaces.

New Cherry Kichen with Granite Counters

Extensive raised paneling and crown moulding throughout. Spacious deck adjacent to dining and perfect for entertaining.

Walk to Salem Harbor - Village Landing.

No Smoking.   Pets Welcome.
One Year Lease at $2,200 per month.
First and Last Month plus Security Deposit required .
Contact John Nestor 781-727-6516 for a showing.

Spacious Deck for Entertaining

Friday, November 29, 2013

Bash Aftermath

It was one of the most subdued Bash's that I can remember.   Not sure if I should blame ObamaCare, or something. .  Maybe I didn't hype it as aggressively as past years, and maybe the fact that we saw so many of the Peeps at Katelyn's Wedding recently had an effect.

   But that didn't effect the quality....  which was virtually assured when Brendt D'Orio showed up with the King of Scotch... 16 year old Lagavulin Single Malt to the uninitiated.
That made Brendt an Automatic Peep of the Week.... an honor that he has achieved in the past with distinction.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ceremonial Dish of the Nanepashemet Bash

It is the Eve of the Thanksgiving Eve Bash.
A high holy day in the ancient religion of Nanepashemetism.
We will be going to BJ's or Costco later this afternoon to gather cases of beer and handles of booze with which to conduct the sacred rituals.
As usual, no invitations have been issued, yet you will be vilified and scorned if you do not attend.
This year, we will not be firing up the turkey frier to make the coveted wings due to insurance issues, but we will have a kettle of oil on the stove in order to deep fry the White Trash Balls.
Unfortunately, the Political Correctness Police have issued a citation to this MOAM, insisting that the delicious orbs of crispy fried white dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.... cease to be called by their long term label as "White Trash Balls".  These are the same folks that are seeking to change the name of the "Washington Redskins" to the "DC Deficits", so I don't want to screw with them.
In honor, of SuperPeep Brian Butler, whose enthusiastic vigor for the tasty balls outshines all others, I have decided to rename  the traditional dish known as "White Trash Balls".
Henceforth, and from this day forward, the ceremonial dish of the Nanepashemet Thanksgiving Eve Bash is now to be known as "Brian Balls".
Crispy and sweet on the outside, with a satisfying and addictive interior consistency.... Brian Balls are sure to be a significant part of the Nanepashemet Legend for years to come.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blog Rambling and Rating

Peeps -
I just noticed that this pathetic Blog is rated number 13,151 in the world.  When my Blog was first rated a few years ago, it was in the 25,000 range, so we've been moving up. Considering that there are over 150 million in existence, I guess this rating is pretty good.

But I can't help but think what is so good about number 13,150  to be rated better than Nanepashemet.

Some of you have often asked why I write this Blog, but it really writes itself.  I have never struggled to get words on the page.... if they don't flow, I don't write.   There is no effort on my part and when I make an entry, it is usually when I am irritated about something and have to vent a little.... so the Blog helps me to blow off steam.

Often, after I make an entry, I marvel that I wrote so much because it doesn't seem to take any time at all.  The Blog is in it's eighth year, and over that time, I have irritated quite a few of you.  It has caused hysteria once or twice as well.

But it would be unfair if I didn't note that more than a few times, Peeps have thanked me and taken a little inspiration.   So it's a balance.

I've seen others come and go and I especially miss Doug Maxfield's "Waterman".  Doug is a talented writer, an insightful professional fisherman, and a funny guy but he abruptly stopped posting a year or so ago.  Must have his reasons, but I miss that one.   My friend, Harvey Rowe, also got the bug a while ago and has tailed off some.   Sarah Crawford's Blog is ongoing and entertaining and I check that from time to time.

I especially get a kick out of people who go out of their way on Facebook and other medium to tell me that this Blog sucks.   If you take time out of your life to read a Blog that sucks, then take more time to inform me.... what does that say about you???   I usually Block and Defriend losers who get too negative.   It's important to avoid people who try to bring you down.   There is no benefit in wrestling with a skunk, because even when you win, you always stink afterwards.

So Maybe pretty soon, I'll surpass number 13,150.... as it currently stands,  as long as I'm breathing, and the Internet is humming, this Blog is here to stay.

Friday, November 22, 2013

When Kennedy was Killed

I was two weeks short of eleven years old.  School was out and I was at my sixth grade post of traffic boy at the intersection of Rockaway and Hollingsworth Streets, outside of the Highland school in Lynn, Massachusetts.

  As I motioned a couple of kids to cross the street, Bobby O'Leary, the traffic Boy covering the opposite intersection yelled over to me.  "Hey Nestor, did you hear what happened?  Kennedy got croaked."
I didn't understand.  "What did you say? " I asked.  "He's dead. Kennedy was shot." came the reply.
I remember just feeling confused, and when the crossing shift was over, I ran the quarter mile down Hollingsworth street to my house.
when I went in the front door, sitting at the kitchen table was my Mother and Father... just sitting silently.   I said, "Bobby O' Leary just told me that Kennedy got croaked."  My father just kept sitting there, and my Mother said "Well, he must be a Protestant."  She was taking offence at the glibness of the remark.    Back then, we as Irish Catholic Democrats, were keenly aware that Kennedy was the first Catholic President.... and the Camelot legacy was not pronounced like it is now.  Kennedy was still proving himself.

My father remained silent and it started to feel ackward, so I broke the silence by saying, "Well it must of been his time to go."   That brought the rise from Dad who said, "It's not your time to go if you are murdered."  Then more silence.

I went into the living room, leaving them sitting silently at the kitchen table.   Sitting on the couch was a Life Magazine picture article about Kenndy, playing with his kids and with John John crawling under the desk in the Oval Office..  I stared at that magazine for a long time.

That was fifty years ago.  I remember it as clearly as yesterday.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bash Countdown

Tommy O just dropped by with two gallons of award winning Bobby Byrnes Restaurant clam chowder from Cape Cod, which will be consumed by the Peeps who make the sacred pilgrimage to this year's Thanksgiving Eve Bash.

Super peep Brian Butler has already put his order in for the White Trash Balls, and your MOAM has started to ready the turkey frier to meet the expected demand.

Momentum is building.... Six  more Days!

Too Harsh?

My parents were Democrats.... And very hardworking.     But that seems like a different era.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pendulum Swing

Watching the Sunday Morning News Show.
The President is taking a beating, and Martha Radatz is holding the Dems feet to the fire.
Is this an alternative Universe?
The most that the Dems can say is that the Website is going to get fixed...... but that is the beginning of the problem.   When the website is operable, and people can actually see what ObamaCare has done to emasculate their insurance choices.... when it is apparent that they are screwed with deductables which basically give them the same options as being uninsured.... that's when the doggy doo will come ripping off the fan.
The Liberals , in their self absorbent basking in the power to control people's lives, have demonstrated a huge weakness in trying to shift basic life choices away from the individual.  Real power exists when each individual is challenged and positioned to think for herself.
Central authority is always disastrous when solely relied upon.   The Germans controlled the continent of Europe, but their extremely competent military could not make a move without the express consent of Hitler.   The Americans and Allies, on the other hand, always empowered their people in the field, down to the lowliest grunt private, to take initiative.   The US Army was an Army of One.  
The United States Army crushed the competent Germans with unprecedented superiority and efficiency.  Had the Germans been able to act on their own, without being held back by Hitler's control, the ordeal would have been vastly more difficult.
This is a dangerous analogy, because I am not saying that Obama is like Hitler, I am just saying that seeking control and sapping individual initiative is never the successful approach
Who is Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to say that individuals can't make their own insurance choices and force the free market to cater to this choice?  Their incursion into the intiative of people to provide for themselves is going to backfire into the demise of their political position.
The average person really doesn't care about national politics.... doesn't care about the national debt, who's responsible for sequester cuts, whether people vote without ID's, and who is entering the country illegally.    None of these things hit home.    
But now.... when they have to take their kid to the emergency room for stiches.... and it costs a grand that is not deductible.... and that goes straight back to the President who imposed this system that never impacted them before.... that is something that they care about, and something that will translate to the ballot box.
The pendulum is swinging back to the Republicans, and the Democrats have given it an abnormal push.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pyrrhic Victory

I just don't have the energy to rant and rave about ObamaCare today.  It was abnormally cool, and I read an article that the ice cap in the Antartic is at its thickest point in history.   Even though I've  been vilified in the past for disclaiming global warming, I just don't feel like pointing out to Lefty Libs the folly of their cherished Al Gore scam.   

It's only fun chiding the Dems when the verdict is not concluded on an issue.   But they are so freaking wrong lately that there is no joy in it for me.... No celebration in being right.

It just saps your energy,

Plus there is such a mess they are making that our future generations have to clean up.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Biology Factory

Ryan and I pulled the Pram off of the Village Street Wharf ring last Friday.
I didn't put bottom paint on this year..... thinking.... just a little algae... how bad could it get?
 Pretty Bad!   Hard to believe all of the growth, and crawly stuff on the bottom of the pram... Shrimp like creatures, slime pods, barnacles cemented to the surface. 
Had to remove it with a brick chisel and it doubled the weight of the pram.
All this from the murky Salem Harbor.
Life finds a way.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fooling the People

How does it go???
You can fool some of the people, all of the time,
And all of the people, some of the time,
But not all of the people, all of the time.
Kind of think that this little ditty is starting to bite the Obama administration in the Ass.
I remember early in my career, dealing with Community Organizers in the City of Lynn, that at the beginning they seemed committed and credible, but later on, it was apparent that they were malcontented ideologues who were not interested in answers... just wanted to wield power over people's lives.   There was a lot of hype and no common sense.
And even though I generally don't harbor conspiracy theories, it was an eye opener back then in the seventies when we exposed their allegiance to forming organized communist cells.  Even now, I hate to articulate this because it seems so out there.  But it was true.  Their only commitment was to agitation and disruption.
Now it seems that one of them is the President of the United States.
But getting back to the ditty above, the act is starting to get old as more and more people see through their actions and motives.  The reality of ObamaCare with its cost and bureaucracy, will ultimately be the downfall of the administration, rather than a crowning achievement.... because the real motive is not better and cheaper health care.... it is control over people's lives, and this will become apparent and ultimately be rejected as the program rolls forward.

Friday, November 01, 2013

ABC Propaganda

So this morning on ABC News....
A heroic story of how a female police officer in CA took a bullet in the face and one in the chest, yet still pursued a 20 mile car chase of three Hispanic males who did the shooting.
The Three Perps were illegal aliens, but ABC News described them as "happen to be undocumented immigrants."
THis is the kind of ideological, thought police, rhetoric that makes me a complete mental case.
Propaganda, disguised as news, is hard to swallow.