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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week End Wrap Up

Last week went by fast.
Lots of activity at Nanepashemet Telecom, which has been at big draw on my attention.  I never know when something will get hot and I have to deadhead out to close a lease or something.  Plus, our top customer is very demanding as should be the case, and the people at Nanepashemet place customer satisfaction as the highest priority.  
So we've been hopping.
Plus, I had to carve out a couple of hours to pull my lobster traps for the season.  A huge toad crab and a 2 lb. lobster were in the last trap, and I gave them both a reprieve.  The Town had already pulled the hose off of the Village St. Wharf, so the boat was left a mess.   But at least I got all of the boat beers off this year.... which is a first for me.
No rest for the weary this weekend though.   Every time we get busy out in the field, there is a ton of paperwork to follow and that is just sitting there staring at me this Saturday morning.  
It's not just this pathetic Blog that has suffered.   I was well into sewing the sail for the Columbia Tender, and that has taken a back seat also.   The Tender is in for an overhaul this winter over in the Peabody Warehouse.   It has taken a pretty good beating over the past five years and the gunwale varnish is blistered and peeling badly.  And the interior paint job is something that I have never been proud of....although the exterior hull continues to carry the day showing the natural beauty of the cedar strip planking.  But even this is pretty dinged up if you look at it closely.
So this winter, as I set up the sailing rig, I'm going to double down on restoring the finishes on the Tender.
Course that's if things ease up at Nanepashemet Telecom... And I don't want that to happen either.

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