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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lobster Trap Larceny

It was a nice day out on the water, caught a few mackerel, and went to pull the traps.... only two of them were not there.
In their place were a row of commercial traps.
I was warned when I bought my traps a number of years ago that commercial lobstermen would steal them, but I really didn't believe it. Bet that if I pulled all of the commercial traps set in the area that I dropped mine, though,  I would find that the buoys had mysteriously been switched. 
It's just too easy to cut a line and attach a different buoy.
The argument is out there that the recreational lobstermen, with their 10 trap limits, are hurting the fishermen who make their living at lobstering.  That is pure Bull.   I paid for my license and have every right to drop my traps.   Plus, there are plenty of the critters to go around from my rudimentary experience.
So if somebody stole my traps, they are guilty of larceny, pure and simple.
Out of seven traps this year, only three are left.... with no storms or other reason to lose gear.
I pulled the three traps and was going to bag it for the season, but then decided to  put them in a new location.  We'll keep an eye on the old location though.... because my traps are painted green and yellow,  and I just might see some larcenous inshore lobster boat hauling them one of these days. 

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