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Friday, July 26, 2013

Weiner is a Weenie.

Does anybody really care about this Whackjob  Dem, Anthony Weiner, who wants to be Mayor of New York?  His wife is an idiot being mentored by Hillary Clinton, the original Tammy Wynett despite her protestations, and he doesn't seem to bring any credentials to the table outside of incredible bodacious behavior.
Yet the national press is all over this story, especially since his phone sex partner decided to claim her fifteen minutes of fame.
Let's face it... the interest is in his prurient behavior... his propensity to show and talk about his private parts to hapless bimbos in cyberspace.  Because he is stupid enough to run for Mayor, and his wife is witless enough to schlep for Clinton, the press is having a field day.... not to mention that his name is Weiner.
Seriously Anthony.... what is your  aim in running for Mayor of the most important City in the world, other than mindless egotism?  Even Nancy Pelosi has called you "Clueless".
When Pelosi thinks you're stupid.... well, it doesn't get any lower than that.

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