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Monday, June 24, 2013

Y'ALLL Don't Come Back Now

Joanne loves the Cooking Channel.... almost as much as I love the History Channel.  I can deal with her hogging the clicker for the most part and watching all this Foodie stuff.   The only show that I really can't "stomach",so to speak, is the Paula Dean stuff.
Her voice makes me cringe and when she says "Y'ALLLL" which is every fourth word or so..... I truly feel nauseous enough to hurl.
Now we find that she has no common sense when it comes to race relations "speak".
Peeps... we have free speech in this country.   And you can say anything you want without getting thrown into jail.   But that doesn't mean that we can't loathe you if you say stupid ass shit, nor does it mean that you can keep your job.
In this country, with a horrible heritage of slavery, bigotry, and segregation.... be prepared to pay the consequences if you run fast and loose with racial epithets.  I don't care if your grandpa was George Wallace... there is no excuse, and you deserver to have your ass kicked if you glibly drop the N word, or think that any vestiges of our Jim Crow past might be "sentimental".
Bye Bye Paula Dean.... I for one won't be missing "Y"ALLLL" on the Food Channel anytime soon.

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