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Saturday, June 29, 2013

POTW Week 26

We have had our sights set on taking down  this big customer in the Telecom space ever since Nanepashemet filed with the Massachusetts Secretary of State a half dozen years or so ago.

This was the week we landed that Bad Boy.   And while my mind is fully at ease, the general state of my body is horrendous.   I hadn't realized that as the quarry came closer, any thought of exercise, or diet or recreation went right out the window.
After tossing and turning until 3:00 AM, I couldn't really rally off the couch today and spent some serious time irritating Henry the Cat.   Fatique, Body Pain, and General Malaise.
So no Fishing, rowing or sailing on a perfect summer day in Marblehead.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 26th Week of 2013
Mark Vona
Trish Rockett
Allie Peabody
Robin Latour
Will Murray
Bela Fleck

The one positive thing is that I decided to cut out the carbs (except for beer) in anticipation of the three day juice detox fast that we are planning for next weekend.

So at least I ate right, which is the beginning of the total turnaround.

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