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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stupid, Evil Asshole

I heard that Brian Donovan, the heart and soul of the Mooseknuckles, was just stepping over the Finish Line on Boylston Street, when the first bomb exploded.   Thank God he wasn't hurt. 
My heart aches for the victims and their families.  Selfishly, as soon as I heard of the explosion, I began to check on the whereabouts of my family and friends and was relieved when all were confirmed safe.  Then I felt a little guilty being relieved when so many would not have the same emotion.   My friends have said that this is a normal reaction.... but I still feel shitty about it.
So nice job, Mr. Terrorist.   You killed an eight year old kid, a 29 year old beautiful woman, and a third Boston University female graduate student who hasn't yet been identified. Many have lost limbs.  Over a hundred and seventy wounded.
Well done... you Despicable Vermin.
We learned our lesson, didn't we?  That twisted, demented, evil mind of yours really got your point across.   By the way, we  found Hussein in a spider hole and executed him, and Bin Ladin is fish food after we killed him in his own residential prison.
This will backfire on you and any of your sub-human associates.  You just set a cheap kitchen timer on the worthless days left in your gutless, rediculous life.
Stupid, Evil Asshole.  

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