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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Payback is a Bitch


Such a mix of emotions.  Bewilderment, Sadness, and Pride.
They caught the bomber from Cambridge, as he cowered in a shrinkwrapped boat in Watertown.
His Russian father says that he and his dead brother were set up.  That they must be innocent.   Tell that to the four dead and 170 injured.   Maybe that guy should shut the phuck up and wonder what the hell he did wrong with the two maggots that he sired.
THANK YOU!  You have all helped us by sharing pictures of the suspects.  While we celebrate their capture, now would be a good time for us to SHARE a few more pictures: Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi and Officer Sean Collier.  Please remember those murdered and all the people injured during this horrible week.  We will not forget #BOSTON STRONG~
An overall sentiment, filtering through the shock and sadness, is pride in the way Boston responded to this situation.
I was once at a party at UMass Amherst, where things got out of hand and one guy punched another in the face pretty hard.  The guy who got punched looked a little dazed, then his face hardened and he whaled the shit out of the other guy in a furious hale of wicked blows.   The first guy who initially threw the punch was left in a heap on the floor.
I know what you are thinking.... and you are wrong.    Neither of those guys were me.
But, That's what Boston did to those creepy little Chechynan Bastards from Cambridge, who cowardly killed women and children, and  then gunned down a young father as he sat in his police cruiser.  Boston took the hit, then whaled the Bastards.
Boston didn't whimper and lick its wounds.  Boston went out and got some payback.... and Payback is a Bitch.   I'm proud to be from Boston and even prouder to be an American.
If the ideological reason for this terrorist act was to scare and inhibit Americans, that was a dismal failure.   WTF is going on with these Muslim attacks anyway??? Jihad my Ass, I just don't get it.

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