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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Final Greenhouse Steps

The Greenhouse plan has been very hot lately.
Peeps.... please stop asking me to build one for you.  I'm going to test case one on the Sundance property and see how it goes, then I will consider exporting my expertise to the general public.... which is you.
At Sundance, due to lot configurations, setbacks, topography, and ledge outcroppings, I really can only place it in a certain spot on the lot.   But Zoning won't be a problem at the present 12'x24' proposed size.
The only issue left is whether the structure can be permitted as designed under the code.  I want the four foot open panel span of the polycarbonate panels if possible, otherwise, I would have to add a stud in the middle of each which would create a 24" on center framing system, which is an acceptable alternative.
And I want to see if the pressure treated wall plate contact with the compacted soil at ground as well as a pervious dirt floor will fly.   I'm pretty sure that the Building Department will approve the PT issue, because I have addressed this previously with a garage that I proposed, and the dirt floor should be ok given the greenhouse use.
So with a permit in hand, there is nothing to it but to do it... right???? 
Wrong, Kemosabe.
I have a whole list of stuff to do with the existing property leading up to Katelyn's wedding, some of which come with a decent pricetag,  before I can indulge in this project for myself.

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