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Saturday, December 01, 2012

POTW Week 48

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Snowflakes are gently falling in Marblehead, and Joanne is busy decorating the Christmas tree.   I'm getting tired just watching her, so I pretended to be catching up on Nanepashemet Telecom with this computer when I am really posting in this pathetic Blog.
Seems like the perfect time to tend to the Peep of the Week Selections.

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 48th Week of 2012

T. Michael Rockett
Tommy O'Shea
Joe Collins
Amanda "Used to be Johnson, but don't know her new Swedish name"
The Smithfield, R.I. Building Commissioner
Rick Vitale

She's on her last ornaments so I probably am safe to log off of this computer.

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