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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Creepy Reality

Not for nothing, but if you represent a big Insurance Company like Travelers in a Lawsuit, you are not working for the people that are suing the Travelers Insurance Company.  D'uh  Really?
Then Professor Pow Wow Warren herds up some people who are stupid enough to believe that she went to the Supreme Court to represent them, and gets them to say condemning things about Senator Scott Brown.
Some of us are stupid, and some of us are "BAAA BAAA shear off my wool" really freaking sheep-style stupid.
When the Nanepashemet Revolution comes, and you rise up to proclaim me as  Emperor of the United States and its Allies, and Territories, I will make such sheep herding efforts as illegal and subject to the supreme punishment of making perps like Liz continuously watch reruns of Joe Biden debates until they either puke or plead for mercy.
Plus, I will make the charges retroactive to comdemn Liz.  That's how much I abhore this dishonesty.
Direct from the MOAM to Liz....

"Professor, if you want to be a US Senator, go for it, but don't go creating some phoney Indian, middle class fighter personality and claiming that you are it.  Be yourself, Pro.....  A carpet bagger Cantabridgian wannabee, who lied to Harvard by saying you are a non-white minority, and makes a household income of 3/4 of a Million Bucks from that institute of Uppity Moonbats then complains about the cost of higher education.... who represents major corporations as a lawyer without a license, and  is in lockstep with our Indonesian POTUS."
Peeps... here is the creepy reality.   There are a host of people in Massachusetts who eat a heaping helpful of Warren Bullshit and support her dishing out more.
That is freaking Hallowneen season creepy.

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